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    Anyone Going Shadow Arts Primary?

    So basically. . .

    I haven't seen a single Assassin build that runs Shadows Arts 13,14,15,16

    Does it have build potential or is it like taking inspiration as your primary?

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    I actually think shadow arts complements mesmer skills very well, there's a couple of elites, like shadow shroud and beguiling haze that fit in perfectly with the right mesmer builds.

    I don't know if I would ever run it as primary attribute, but that doesn't make some of the skills any less potent.

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    I dont see any reason to use Shadow arts as your primary skill. The whole branch is utility skills like inspirations there isnt a single skill that actually damages the enemy. Basically if you went pure SA you would kinda be like a stance tank in that you are annoying to kill but not really a threat as long as no one is wasting thier time on you. However that doesnt mean SA is useless since it is excellent support.

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    Well, the assasin has the skill to be more than he looks(doh )
    If we run SA primary and have a little bit on DS and CS we can have some interesting opportunities here.

    1.Shadow Form - leaves your health dry, but gives you the excellent protection and with more on SA you get even more health after it fades away, plus more time to operate
    2.Heart of Shadow - after being left dry you are going to need some healing, right?
    3.Shroud of Distress - gotta keep things secure when having such low health, no use versus spells, but gives you a chance to live under a possible mountain of melee and ranged attacks
    4.Death's Charge - after gaining some health, let's go take a look at some guys from the other team, up-close
    5.Unsuspecting Strike - our welcome to all the friends out in the battlefield(you are suppose to use the attack chain while you have shadow form as well)
    6.Wild Strike - no one can copy our style be annoying and a threat, now could he
    7. Twisting Fangs - I just love this skill!
    8. Depends here you can go it like this
    Res sig or Desperate Strike- This one here is after having the Shadow Form thing faded away. We aren't desperate, but they are!

    This is probably a crap build, made it for 5 mins, put your comments and that's all I'm gonna say

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    Heh I tend to agree that the complete lack of damage dealing makes this a weak primary for anything other then self healing gimmick builds. Other than the shadowform duration, and the elite shutdown durations, the only reason I see to make this a primary is for pure spellcaster Assassins who deal damage or shutdown using there secondary skills and dont rely on other Assassin skill lines. The dual nature of Shadow Arts skills for both tactical advantage and self protection makes this skill line shine when combined with strong cross profession skills that do not require high levels to achive effectiveness... but in general the auto attack energy/damage of the other Assassin attributes makes more impact then self healing- the best defense is a dead target.

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    Both Deadly Arts and Shadow Arts have the same problem (for a primary Assassin).

    1. To use them regularly you need plenty of energy.

    2. The only way for an assassin to get plenty of energy is to attack.

    3. If you're using spells, you're not attacking.

    When it comes down to it, any primary assassin is going to have to put points into CS and a Weapon Skill. That doesn't leave much room to focus on a spell attribute line and make the points in CS and DM worthwile.

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