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    Hey guys, I'm new!

    Hey guys,

    I just recently got accepted into GWO, so just letting you know I'm actually active etc and look forward to playing with you guys!

    My in game name is: Nima Avarian

    Looking forward to having some good gw fun with you guys =]

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    Hey, congrats on getting into GWO Guild.

    I'm not a member, but I totally pwned you guys in ranger spike ;)

    I'm still waiting on another battle, Dan!

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    Jersey's Avatar

    Aurora Glade

    GWOnline [GWO]

    Welcome aboard - I see you already have access to our private private forums. Enjoy!
    Jersey Cuthalion - "Strongbow" | Jersey Lorinthol - "Golden-Helm" | Jersey Elentirion - "Stargazer"
    Jersiel Aenil Estel - "Angel of Hope" | Jersiel Cuthalion - "Strongbow"
    Jersiel Narwen - "Fire-Maiden" | Jersiel Agarmael - "Bloodstained"

    GWOnline Guild [GWO]

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    Welcome to the guild :D

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