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    Hi, there. I've been lurking here for a little while and love reading everyone's theories and lore on the realms of Guild Wars. It's nice when I've discovered something new in my game travels to come here and check out what many have said about it. It makes the game that much more interesting. Wonderful job guys!

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    Hey everyone, I'm new to the forums here, but I've been playing GW for more than a year and half I think, and I have everything but Factions. I'm really interested in this Lore stuff, and I look forward to trying to contribute!

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    Hello, I'm Chilli. Decided to join in here because I miss RPing so much and thought I might be able to find out cool stuff I can include in RP bios and stuff... My main character is either Nathaelia Elwvyan, an 11-year-old vampire pocketmonk from the future (she was born about a year after EotN, but is essentially 11 at the same time) or Elina Avilth, a 19-year-old Vabbian noblewoman who I find difficult to RP now and is Nath's mother. She's married to Clive Elwvyan. Also, she and Nath only have an 8 year age difference, which makes it hard to believe that she is her mother. Most of the time she's found looking after the 1-year-old Nath and her twin, Amiel.
    I also RP Chy, Lux and Tane, three of the Nine demon/djinn hybrids that were born on the same day. Chy has rather odd candyfloss pink hair. She and Lux are virtually inseperable. She's only actually about 1, but a wish made her 7 for a long time, until she and Lux decided to rewish themselves to 18 and she ended up getting loved by Kestral, a Sunspear (her family hates Sunspesrs and hunts and eats them for sport) and they all found out and it went haywire and she got depressed an It was going to kill them both and she finally gave up and wished herself back to 7 again. Tane is an evil hit who gets in loads of trouble and who everyone hates... Amille eventually wished him back into a baby and now Chy and Lux seem to love holding him upside down and sitting him facing the wall at storytime... He's a pompous prat who was half based on Percy Weasley...

    So, hello and um.. Congratulations for actually Reading my little bit of madness?

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    Hey, long time player, long time reader of lore. Finally decided to become more active in the community so here I am.

    I've been playing since the beta tests and the world of Tyria has long intrigued me so I'm really excited to explore and catalogue the changes that 250 years have brought in GW2.

    My primary character in GW1 is Sephirim Lightgiver, a Elementalist/Monk from Ascalon who has beaten all four campaigns and nearly finished the War in Kryta.

    In GW2 my first and primary character will likely be a Human Elementalist, unless one of the yet to be revealed professions interests me. Looking forward to exploring Ascalon and Orr. Especially looking forward to perhaps discovering the true nature of the Gods and the Elder Dragons.

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    Welcome to the lore community!

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