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    What happens to Prophecies guilds when Factions comes out?

    So what happens to Prophecies guilds when Factions comes out? What if some members have Factions and some don't? Can you move Prophecies guilds to Factions? Can they span both campaigns?

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    I suspect Guilds can span both campaigns, but I'm not really sure.

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    If linked accounts you can travel back and forth, via the guild hall I think something like that. You'll be able to speak to the guild via both campaigns to for as much as I know as long as they're linked accounts you have to speak to the other guild.

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    I believe guild halls can span chapters. The members of a guild can be Prophecies-only, Factions-only, or both. Members of a guild are still restricted to visiting only the chapters they possess, so the only places all guild members can meet up is the Battle Isles or the Guild Hall.

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