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    Some thoughts on an A/N combo

    I'm sure everyone has thought about using Weaken Armor with their Assassin. Well, how about combining it with Assassin's Promise?

    Assassin's Promise

    For 5...13 seconds, if target foe dies, you gain 5...17 Energy, and all your skills are recharged. This is an Elite Skill.

    Weaken Armor obviously helps you kill something faster, thus allowing you to use Assassin's Promise more effectively, but it has an even more devestating effect...

    If you call Weaken Armor, your whole party will ravage your target. When they see "I am using Weaken Armor on <enemy>" They think "OH YEAH TIME TO DO DAMAGE AND GET SOME SELF GRATIFICATION!"

    At that point you throw on Assassin's Promise and do whatever else you want without worry of recharge time, because that thing you just hexed is going to die fast, with or without your help.

    I've tested my idea about Weaken Armor attracting party attacks, and it worked pretty well. I used it on my Mo/N early on before I had many Monk skills and it always drew players to my target.

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    AP+weaken armor seems like a gr8 idea. However, in order to make both of these skills useful you need invest in curses,deadly arts, dagger mastery, and you'll most likely need some critical strikes. This leaves no room for blood magic or shadow arts, so you will lack self healing which is vital in most builds.
    So weaken armor and AP will work together only in well organized groups where you can entirely rely on your monk to heal you

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    Actually, with 0 curses, Weaken Armor lasts 10 seconds. IMO that is long enough even for a single Assassin to take out an enemy or at least deal significant damage and finish them off while AP is on them. All of the Assassins, Rangers and Warriors will probably swarm your target and it will definetly take less than 10 seconds though. :D

    Even so, the combo can work with a Curse and Deadly Arts hex build. Soul Barbs takes a while to recharge, but Assassin's Promise fixes that. I'm sure Assassin's Promise makes many other hexes much more useable but I haven't done the research yet.

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    Try to use Shadowy Burden instead of Weaken Armor (I have it in several of my builds on the forum). It gives you the same AL penalty plus a -25% speed snare, and it only takes 2s to cast insead of WA's 3s. It's also an Assassin skill, allowing flexibility to choose another secondary. SB's only knock is that you can't combine it with any other Hexes for the AL penalty.

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    Weaken Armor, if you call it on your target will result in higher damage because it counts for all physical damage, while Shadowy Burden is only for YOUR damage. Their armor is still the same vs all other attacks. Shadowy Burden is still a good skill to use with Assassin's Promise, though you need to cast AP after you have done most of the damage because AP is a hex too.

    Overall, with Assassin's Promise, I think that Weaken Armor is going to be better and more consistant than Shadowy Burden.

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    Good points.

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