I'm sure everyone has thought about using Weaken Armor with their Assassin. Well, how about combining it with Assassin's Promise?

Assassin's Promise

For 5...13 seconds, if target foe dies, you gain 5...17 Energy, and all your skills are recharged. This is an Elite Skill.

Weaken Armor obviously helps you kill something faster, thus allowing you to use Assassin's Promise more effectively, but it has an even more devestating effect...

If you call Weaken Armor, your whole party will ravage your target. When they see "I am using Weaken Armor on <enemy>" They think "OH YEAH TIME TO DO DAMAGE AND GET SOME SELF GRATIFICATION!"

At that point you throw on Assassin's Promise and do whatever else you want without worry of recharge time, because that thing you just hexed is going to die fast, with or without your help.

I've tested my idea about Weaken Armor attracting party attacks, and it worked pretty well. I used it on my Mo/N early on before I had many Monk skills and it always drew players to my target.