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    Online / Offline Indicator for GW

    Is there a possibility to make such thing? It is very easy for developers to programm and cost no bandwidth? I have programmed a Marktplace Site kickme.to/marktplatz (for the moment its aimed to german players, but willbe multilanguage soon) and i would like to show if player is online or offline (or dont exist) to my visitors.

    Also anyone have direct or indirect contact to GW developers to propose them this? Mu online uses online/offlice indicator for ages and its been very popular

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    hint: while in-game, press 'N'.

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    Maybe I'm not fully understanding your suggestion, but currently on the friend/guild list it tells you if a person is online, away, busy or offline. I don't know what else could be needed. It even tells you if one of your friends is using their alternate character as opposed to the name you added to the friend list. I don't know what else you would need.

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    He is making a mod that will be able to tell you on websites if you're online or not online in GW. And wants to know if the developers can add something to GW that will allow the mod to pull this information FROM GW.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong.
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    Not a bad idea I guess, I'm sure Anet will add this in six months

    for $5.99

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    yes its exactly what i want, i need url where i can send list of player names and receive a list of indicators where player exist/online/offline or invisible is.

    but if they make it just for addon, then it pointless.

    also if game developers use some kind of mysql databases then they dont even need to modify game, just add the functionality to homepage

    so who can make developers request to make such thing?

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    Xfire... does the same thing basicly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashberry
    Not a bad idea I guess, I'm sure Anet will add this in six months

    for $5.99

    Anyway, I'm moving this over to the Tech forum.

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    Heh, I was toying with a similar idea.

    But I wanted to write a little taskbar app that will tell you if any of your guildies are online so you can join them for a mission / whatever.

    Of course, one packet capture later and a quick look at the data streaming to/from the server and ... yeah. I haven't been able to identify anything useable yet.

    I wonder if ArenaNet will make the protocol for the friends server available if we grovel enough

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    i have programmed little prog which doese this

    go my site http:kickme.to/marktplatz
    then got "Tool"
    and download "Quellcode" (Sourcecode)

    its auoit and if you write littpe php site, it will send players name to your php (or whatever) site. dont need to mess with packets, its enough too look if guild wars game window is open

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