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    MMs: Planning on using Flesh Golem?

    Are you planning on using flesh golems? I don't think I will. There are of course pros and cons to using the skill. here is a short list of them. (though I may have forgotten some)

    - Looks cool...big large creature...scary
    - it leaves a corpse behind letting you keep it around forever
    - -3 degen most
    - did I mention it leaves a corpse behind?

    - Takes up a skill slot (duh)
    - you can only have one golem at a time
    - I think they attack slightly slower
    - Elite skill. Means no more Glyph of Renewal to keep up veratas sac.

    I don't think I will be using this skill because I like GoR to keep up VS...and the fact I can only have 1 summoned at a time :(

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    About how much damage does it do?

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    I'm under the assumption that it is the same as horrors.

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    During preview mine was doing significantly more than a bone horror, probably due to its higher level.

    If for nothing else, I will definitely use it for solo farming.

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    definelty for solo, farming, Ill be able farm high level areas without henchies , because i could get those first couple kills to build up a army. :horray:

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    Masoj, your pro's and con's show something very good:

    This skill IS balanced. You have to make a choice, and you think GoR > Flesh Golem. That is okay! This is good. But for sure not all the time, think of solo farming in some areas and there are more points speaking for the big bugger.

    If the FG > other choices for MMs, it would be a bad skill.

    BTW, Faction Necros will use it more often because they do not get Veratas Sacrifice. They have only BoTM. Hooray for those with Prop+Factions, MM Galore.

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    I don't run an elite on my current MM build (Never tried GoR so I won't miss it) so Golem is a shoe-in for me.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Tarew's Avatar

    I'm not actually a MM but I do like playing them for the fun factor at times, and because I love having friendly creatures around me :P
    That's why I played around with this skill during the preview weekend and like people have said before it's somewhat of a mixed blessing.
    It looks incredibly cool and I LOVE how you can get it all the way up to level 27 but its actual performance isn't stellar.
    It's definitely good at absorbing damage but you'd expect a level 27 creature to do more damage than it does. This is definitely not a combat monster that easily clears all enemies around it (which I suppose is a good thing).
    For people who play MM for the fun-factor (like myself) it's perfect, but more competitive players will probably prefer an elite skill with a little more impact.

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    GWOnline.Net Member VILenin's Avatar

    Also, don't forget that an elite slot for 9 seconds out of 30 of regeneration is generally not worth it anyway. So yeah, I'll be using those flesh golems as a mainstay in my army.

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    Flesh Golem FTW. Why? My current elite just gives me more energy.

    If I had this elite and I was doing SF. I have to go through some bland areas every now and then. FLesh Golem has little regen, has a reusable corpse. This way I won't go into the next battle empty handed.

    Plus it looks cool, has a mad crazy level, is huge and scary, etc. Will make the kurzicks crap their pants, you know, good stuff.

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