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    Secondary Profession

    Well I guess this is the best place to post this.

    I mainly want to focus on Expertise,Marksmanship, and Wilderness Survival, so I'm not sure what secondary profession to pick up. Shouldn't I choose one that has good non-attribute link skills? If so, which profession? If you think another profession's attribute linked skills compliment a Ranger very well, then which Ranger attribute would I take away from?

    I'm interested in the Glimmering Mark combo with a Elementalist secondary or maybe Judge's Insight with a Monk secondary, but still idk which Ranger Attribute I would take away from.

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    Well if your going to focus most if not all your points into ranger attributes then id say go ranger/monk for right now and ranger/(monk/ritualist) after factions to take adavantage of the rit and moks reusable res spells

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    Pure-ranger is pretty much the best thing to focus on overall, especially if you want to focus on three Ranger attributes (that is also what I happen to do 99% of the time too, 13 in expertise, 12 in WS, 11 in marks - leaves only one point left over for a fourth attribute) - and pure-ranger is usually the best way to go anyway regardless. Take /Mo so you get a proper res skill, other than that, pure Ranger all the way.

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    Yeah, pure Ranger is what I use 90% of the time as well, but it depends on what you are doing. If you are going to rely on conditions I'd use N (for Virulence ^^) or Me (for fevered dreams). Both of those are a lot of fun, has anyone used them with a ranger before?

    Or Me (for illusion of haste and hexbreaker) or W (all the running skills) if you are going to be running a lot.

    Mo is good for UW trapping, cant deny that rebirth comes in handy when you...havent quite met the best team.

    Elementalist is the only one I havent tried yet, could be good though ^^

    umm yeah, I suppose Mesmer is the most usefull most of the time (as secondary for most classes). I'd use that =D

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    Ok, let's assume you've just started a new ranger and are in pre-searing.

    If you use only ranger attributes, go for monk. You'll get a reusable ressurection, which is great for a ranger. I find I'm almost always one of the last ones standing in a fight that has gone bad.

    If the first assumption isn't correct: try every secundary. You mentioned two skills, one for ele and one for mesmer. Buy them and try if they work (for you). I've tried several builds with my ranger (builds a lot of people are saying are good), but dismissed them because I couldn't work with it. Part of the fun (for me) is trying things out. If it doesn't work, I go back into town and try something else.
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    To reiterate what everyone else has said, if you're playing with mainly ranger attributes, go monk, that way you can at least have a reusable rez. Then way down the line, if you get tired of monk, you can always ascend and change secondaries...

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    depends on what you want to do. R/Mo is laughable in PvP. If you want to PvP, go R/Me.

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    lol I'm just doing PvE. Well I decided to go with Elementalist, before I came back to read this thread lol oh well. For whichever magic I choose, would you guys recommend I take Attribute points mostly from Wilderness Survival and maybe only a point or two from Expertise and Marksmanship? Because those seem the most vital and well there has to be magic with healing and other "survival" related skills.

    oh and another question. Expertise pretty much lowers everything except for spells right?

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    R/E's can deal the most damage-per-hit-sustained-for-a-long-time type damage...

    Kindle Arrows + Cojure Flame is a winner.

    Kindle Arrows is basically +10~15 damage (enemy armor as well... remember.)
    Conjure Flame is usually +about 7...
    and have about 12 marksmanship, you average about... 15+28/2 =... 21.5+12.5+7... = about 40 dmg per hit.

    Thats quite alot for a single ranger. This of course doesn't count all the other things you could do to add more damage, such as skills....

    Expertise, is a must if your going primary ranger, its what makes rangers rangers. Many bow skills cost quite a bit to use, and its expertise that comes to save the day.

    Marksmanship, is also a must.

    A good attribute setup for the fire-based R/E I have described up there is the following.

    Marksmanship: 8+4
    Expertise: 8+1
    Wilderness Survival: 10+1
    Fire Magic: 10

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    "Marksmanship: 8+4
    Expertise: 8+1
    Wilderness Survival: 10+1
    Fire Magic: 10"

    Is the +4,+1,+1 from like runes or armor? I'm not really sure I just got to Post-Sear for the 1st time today :)

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