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    Ritualist in Hall of Heros

    Ok guys, after months of waiting and 2 previews were all most to release of factions, I am curious to see how you fellow ritualists think that we will be viewed in HoH, are we going to be needed to heal and protect, or do you guys think we will get a chance to show are flexibility with our damage spells or will we see a hybrid of both?

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    we will begin with a mix of both, only time will tell what our role will become in the cookie-cutter builds.

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    Ritual Lord, Shelter, and Union.

    I will never stop saying it.

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    Heh, that combination is likely going to be good

    Quote Originally Posted by Zingeri
    I will never stop saying it.
    We noticed

    Seriously, I have the feeling that, for a while, Ritualist in Tombs = joke. Just thanks to a large amount of players who will try to play it thinking it's a copy of an Elementalist/Monk/whatever*. After a couple months go by and most players have learned what a Ritualist may or not do, and hopefully before the next FotM sets in, the Ritualist may be seen as a way to control space, just like it was mentioned in other topic.

    (*I have the feeling this problem will be worse for the Assassins, as I bet a lot of players are going to try to use those as if they were Warriors.)


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    Well i for one will be using all the different types even if others start not using damage as much (show in monk class) im still probobly going to crank out some unnatural builds only time will tell

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zingeri
    Ritual Lord, Shelter, and Union.

    I will never stop saying it.
    Hehe this is actually the first build utilising Factions skills I intend to bring to HA. Spike teams are going to be hit so hard it's funny.

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    i could see them being used in balance builds in the start, then maybe rainbow spike or ritualist spike, then finding their way into some new build as an anti spike and aoe healer (life)

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