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    Female Rit Fow Pictures

    Hi, After a Marathon Effort A friend of mine, Shananara Te Ortyn just crafted Ritualist Fow

    Screenshots are as below.

    Material Req's will be forthcoming.


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    GWOnline.Net Member DarkZeal's Avatar

    Holy crud, the head reminds me of Galactus from Marvel comics O_o. Congrats on FoW ^^

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    GWOnline.Net Member maxxfury's Avatar

    Grats Shananara! looks damn fine. Glad i was there to help.

    --Jayson Rayne

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    GWOnline.Net Member Xitoahc's Avatar

    Thanks for that! Looks great, too bad it will take me forever to even get one. I have a bad habit of buying too many armors.

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    That makes me wonder if there's FOW headgear for all the other classes now too ... hm.

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    Mathos Ragnar
    That looks so fake, hwo could you get FoW armor already? Yeah right i bet that is photoshopped and edited. It looks so fake can't you peopel see the paste and uneven spots....

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    Rofl at fake claim...

    Full Screenshot including my emergency friend forgot money funds..

    Last edited by MixedVariety; 29-04-2006 at 17:04. Reason: Removed screenshot with IGN's.

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    GWOnline.Net Member


    Material list

    Edit : If you don'T believe its real feel free to PM me in game on the given IGN

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    Errr, A) Shanaeri is a reliable, regular poster so theres no reason to doubt this claim and b) It's called saving your ectos and shards beforehand then heading to FoW asap. May take a day or two.
    Last edited by Eladain Windshear; 29-04-2006 at 06:11.

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    Mathos Ragnar
    [quote=Shanaeri Rynale]Rofl at fake claim...

    Full Screenshot including my emergency friend forgot money funds..

    Huh how is it not fake? Your friends inventory is open and it shows them as a MESMER not a RT and they are not even wearing the RT armor in their inventory and mesmers can't wear RT armor....
    Last edited by MixedVariety; 29-04-2006 at 17:05. Reason: Removed quoted screenshot with IGN's.

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