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    Ritualist Armor Pictures and Answers

    Ok, since this has made many people confused, and since all other Profession Forums have a sticky topic about armors, Iím creating one here as well. This topic has two purposes Ė to give answers to those confused about how the Ritualist armor works, and for you guys to post pictures of your own Ritualists. Iíll begin with these ones:

    Guide to Factions Armor - Version 2.0

    How does it work? Unlike in Prophecies, thereís no link between one look and one set of stats. Meaning, each look may have all the stats of the Ritualist Armor. What determines how the armor looks is where the crafter is. So, if you want the Luxon Armor look, you will need to craft your armor at the Luxon Capital Ė there, all the armor you craft, regardless of stats, will have the same look. Likewise, if you want the Kuzick Armor look, youíll need to go to the Kuzick Capital Ė there, and only there, youíll find it.


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    Question on the newb armors

    There is a set, Oracle I believe, which has the effect +10 armor (while holding an item)

    When does this proc? Is it whenever you have a weapon equipped? Off-hand item equipped? Or when you're carrying things like a keg?

    If it's either of the first two it seems to be fairly good for low levels.

    -Yukie Eto

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    A keg, a spirit ect.

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    I found this nice little armor set from a crafter outside Kaineng in the explorable area itself. (It's a short jaunt from the Visunah(sp?) Square Foreign Quarter mission) Best of all the materials it uses are all common so I can actually have full AL! :D

    I haven't got the legs part because it was a dress ;p The legs are actually Kaineng collectors. Somewhat disappointingly they don't look any different to the regular version of that armor.

    And heres an "action" shot. :)

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    this might be a bit off-topic, but I see alot of people dancing with those mirror images.. only seen assassins actually... how did you get these? Is this part of the collector's edition?

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    Is this part of the collector's edition?
    Simple answer

    YES it is

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    The Ashes, kegs, gears, flags, etc...

    Quote Originally Posted by vormov
    When does this proc? Is it whenever you have a weapon equipped? Off-hand item equipped? Or when you're carrying things like a keg?
    It's some kind of item that you carry, making you unable to hold your weapons. This includes a lot of things, but most importantly, the Ritualist's Ashes.


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    This is from the same guy Spoil of War describes, but is the female version.

    without hat

    with hat
    ~Bella Sera~
    PAL it up!
    No trees were harmed in the sending of this message but a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.

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    Bellissima , Are you sure that design is from the guy who Spoil of War bought his from, His is the Imperial design while yours is the exotic. The vendor of his is to the east of the main square while yours is to the south following the waterfront.

    I might be wrong though as you might buy it from different people depending on the sex of your character.

    Both armours look very cool though, I have the male design of yours on my channeling ritualist right now.

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    yet another armor question

    If I made a ritualist or an assassin in Cantha, transport them to Tyria, and go to Marhanns or the Granite Citadel, would there be other 15k armor offerings there that look different from the luxon/kurzick offerings?

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