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    Dark Aura without Aura of the Lich (am i crazy?)

    I havent played this yet since i haven't unlocked vampiric spirit but it seems pretty Awesome to me!

    Touch of Agony
    Wallows Bite/Dark Pact (Dark Pact has range which is nice)
    Blood Renewel
    {E} Vampiric Spirit
    Dark Aura
    Consume Corpse
    Death Charge
    The last skill is hard: Dash (for 12 vs 12/speed boost) Plague Touch (conditions suck) Return (to Escape) Taste of Pain (a heal if target is below 50% health) Rez sig (obvious reasons)

    7 Soul reaping (Minor)
    13 Blood (Head and Minor)
    15 Death (Superior)
    2 Shadow Arts

    Weapons Set 1- Staff +5 Energy, 20% enchants (use this for enchants?)
    Weapon set 2- A wand that adds +30 if there is one (i forgot) and a +15 energy -1 regen +30 health offhand.

    Deaths charge to target with vampiric spirit on and dark aura!
    Touch of agony> Blood Renewel> Wallows Bite>Touch of Agony!

    You do 50 from Dark Aura, 50 from touch and 44 from Vampiric Spirit! wowza! you almost do 150 a cast to the target and almost 100 AoE! Blood Renewel is the only heal. This build is self destructive like all dark aura build though... the more enemies around you the better since your vampiric spirit will heal even more! Consume Corpse is energy management and a heal.

    This build MIGHT be able to have a sup blood rune and a sup Death Magic too since then your vampiric spirit would steal 50 and touch of agony and wallows bite 58. I'm considering this but i'd have at LEAST 100 health loss even with sup vigor and -70 with +30 items. i believe there is a new necro armor that adds +health which would be used too so its totally possible. The dual sup runes would certainly shrink the sacrifices though.

    Gotta unlock Vampiric Spirit at Arborstone first and then its time for massive dark aura, life stealing, life sacrificing and teleporting action!

    will post results later

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    Vampiric spirit triggers on spells:
    Touch of agony/Touch of agony clone (Wallow's Bite) are both SKILLS so will not trigger vampiric spirit.

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    perhaps i havent though my plan out xD

    now i feel dumb :(

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