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    Weapons: an assasins best friend!

    I started an As/Rt in factions in order to unlock skills more quickly. While the spirits were simply too expensive for me to wield with my assasin, I soon discovered that the ritualist weapon spells were an excellent fit. An added bonus is the opprotunity to help save a party member or two. (Lets kill that bad rep assasins are already developing.)

    Most of them are quite affordable, and since they are duration based, most of them are complimented by the assasins high rate of attack.

    The more I messed with weapons The more I learned which ones were most useful to me. These three stood out head and shoulders above the rest!

    Wailing Weapon:All your attacks become interupts. With the assasins attack speed you can really annoy some casters with this.

    Brutal Weapon: Added damage. This brings your assasins damage per hit up to the same level as a warriors.

    Guided Weapon: Your attacks cannot be blocked or evaded. ...The cost on this one is a little prohibitive.....

    Curious what other assasins thought about the ritualist weapons.

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    As secondary skills go, the Ritualist's weapon spells are not nearly as strong/useful as other choices from other classes. The main problem is that most of the really useful ones have too long a recharge time. 30 seconds for Wailing Weapon, for instance. Useful sure, but then you have to wait a while to use it again.

    Brutal weapon, as another example, suffers from being completely useless if you have any enchantments on you, and if you're an assassin primary, you will indeed have enchantments on you practically all the time: Critical Defenses, Shroud of Distress, and let's not forget Shadow Refuge, which is essentially mandatory from level 10 onwards and which you'll be spamming practically every 8 seconds. Brutal weapon also requires an investment in Communing, which is probably the least useful attribute even for Ritualists, let alone Assassins. Channeling/Restoration is much more practical for Ritualists. Let the Spiritist henchman lay down the spirits.

    That said, I found that Weapon of Warding was extremely useful in the first 10 levels when your healing ability is terrible and your starter armor is tissue paper. Be very glad if you have a Ritualist player in your group who can constantly refresh that weapon spell on you. But overall, it's inefficient to try and be a self-buffer with this line of spells.

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    Don't forget some restoration spells.

    vengeful weapon: quick casting self heal/life steal cheap and 3 sec recharge.

    Weapon of warding: 2 second cast time is a bit much, but for a decent duration you have a 50% chance to block and some regen. Nice damage mitigation + minor self heal.


    Resilient Weapon: conditional use, but good armor boost and health regen. To negate the degen you're probably suffering from that hex/condition.

    I like the offense some of those skills you listed grant...but I think the secondary here has a lot of potential for making you more survivable...which could help keep your damage output higher in the long run. If you've got this covered somehow...then by all means go all offense.

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    That depends on your build. I have been using stances (Flashing blades FTW) instead of enchants to survive for that very reason. And I havent bothered with shadow refuge since I left the island. With 10 points in communing brutal weapon lasts long enough that it isnt really a concern anymore. I dont usually have much in the way of enchants. My skill bar looks like this.

    Defensive Stance (usually flashing Blades)
    Brutal Weapon
    Guided Weapon OR Wailing Weapon
    Capture Sig
    FomF or Rez Sig

    I dont really use henches when I can avoid it. And I am not saying you would want to keep wailing weapon up; but as an opening move its pretty solid since a monk will be dead before it wears off.
    Brutal weapons duration is longer than its recharge. And once again I am not advising just spamming it the whole time. Use some judgement.

    Edit:: after looking at bobs post I feel like it prolly is better to go restoration weps if your playing with henchies or dont have enough monks. But the groups I am playing in keep me pretty well covered on healing, and I havent encountered any survivability issues since I started using flashing blades. I did have some issues with survivabilty until I upgraded my armor to 70AL but havent had any since.
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    It's also helpful to note that you can only have one weapon enchant on at a time, so you can follow Wailing Weapon with Brutal Weapon while it recharges. Guided Weapon however is out done by Way of the Fox which essentially does the same thing and costs 5 energy. However it IS limited to just one combo...

    I disagree that Communing is the worst for an assassin. As a skirmisher you have time before you are expected to engage in combat to drop a spirit. Union, Shelter, Pain, or Shadowsong are all solid choices to drop before you jump into the fray, and all but one of them significantly impact your team's survivability (the odd one out, Pain, is simply an extra attacker. Mind you an effective one).
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    Can Anyone help please. I would like to know what skills do I need to Ascend Assassin/Ritualist.

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    Ascend?? Wha???
    To my knowledge there is no ascension in cantha...
    And you have never needed skills to ascend.. to my knowledge the two things are unrelated.

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    i went and ascended with my assasin, just so i could get the exp

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    You get 'Closer to the Stars in Cantha, not ascended....plus the two attribute quests are early and easy

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    You get 'Closer to the Stars' in Cantha, not ascended....plus the two attribute quests are early and easy

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