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    Quote Originally Posted by Cloud Six
    I'd wager that most of you that succeeded when the other team was "all hench" actually played with 1 + 7 hench on the other side.
    my instincts too. i did the mission in two separate occasion. the second one was yesterday, from canthan side, and we pulled a masters in one try - had two good teams. and yes, minion-masters definitely help. waves upon waves of corpses, MM heaven...

    my first try was on the factions opening day, with my tyrian bipper, when very few canthans made it to vizunah. it was somewhat frustrating, because we either got all-hench team from cantha (which promptly died at start), or we got one or two 15-17s among the henchies (when the group didn't die at once, but rather usually failed to protect togo).

    we finally got our act together, and after one of all-henchie massacres from the canthan side, proceeded to beat the mission, just the eight of us. now, looking back, i'm ever so proud :) i was a bipper which kept the monks sane, who in turn kept the rest of us alive... of course, we got only standard, i think, but nevertheless. proud. :)

    Quote Originally Posted by Cloud Six
    Now for something odd...
    While you can't see any of the other team in your party window, you can see all the allies of both teams... including the other teams pets!
    yes. weird. i was trying to find out whose pet i was healing, and wasn't getting an answer... only later i grasped that it was a pet from an anonymous tyrian ranger :)

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    I got through on the 3rd attempt but was very lucky to be with a good team. Some of the others where on their 11th or 12th try though which must of been quite frustrating. Agree that there should be some kind of warning to let you know there is more than one team involved.


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    Mixed experiences.

    My newly created ritualist beat it on lvl 17 1st try w 7 henches. The other team had 6 guildies + 2 henches and tbh, they saved my day. Although I must say, "my" henches did a good job, too.

    My Tyrian warrior: Having been in the undercity before and developed a nice anti afflicted build, I tried to find an all human group (wanting masters right away) and failed 4 times in a row. Bad coordination. We had 3 human monks, one selfproclaimed expert healer (in fow armor). Full wipeout within 2 minutes of the first wave. I have seen Alesia doing better than that...
    When I came back later, the mission was almost empty (midnight, Euro server).
    Is it just me or are there very few ppl around in the missions ?

    I guess I am going to try with henches next time.

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    I just searched these forums for this mission. my experience, beating everything that got thrown at me, then cut scene then beating everything thrown at me again, then standing at the door with Togo and Mhenlo for half an hour expecting something to happen.

    I just tried chatting in All and got no response.

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    It's all about the team. If you get partied with a good team, it's easy. If you get partied with a bad team, it's much harder. First time I went through on my ranger, everyone but one person on the other team died at the second wave of enemies and it went downhill from there. Second time, I went through with a team that had a MM and a couple of echo nukers, and it was pretty easy(still took 29 minutes to complete though). Went through it tonight for the first time on my ele, had me, a guildie, and 6 henchies...then the other team joined, all Asian players who didn't appear to speak any English, had a MM, another necro with Well of Power and Blood Ritual(dunno what attacks he used, never got a chance to watch him in action), a barrage/pet ranger, 2 wammos, 2 healer monks, and a melee assassin with pet, and we went through it easily with no deaths on either side(except for the assassin's lvl 13 pet) in 28 minutes.

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    2 letters, 1 word.

    B/P Group.

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    I had a giant lockup in this mission.
    Never had that before 8)
    we had cleared all the waves of baddies, and wham i was stuck and
    couldnt move.
    Luckely the team finished the mission(i whisperd them i had a lockup after i restarted the game).

    What i did notice is that the other team was all hench, and that it was
    a bit chaotic at times 8)

    I'l have another go at it tonight.

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    I wanted to ask about this, henches are useless i see, what happens when all the tyria characters come and dry out, then the hole team will be hench..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reikai
    2 letters, 1 word.

    B/P Group.
    I agree this and Dragons throat/gullet are ideal b/p runs

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    21 tries!!!! I'm sorry but I think you were doing something very very wrong with your build 21 tries!!!! come on.

    I passed the mission on my 3rd try with 2 mercenaris (healer + earth ele), 4 assasins and 2 rirualist!

    I was one of the ritualist and I had to change my build, I was a spiker ritualist and changed to a support healer ritualist aka: spirit spamer. The other ritualist had a similar build.

    The funny part is that the second group was formed of 6 mercenaries!!!!

    we beat the mission in 31 minutes, the last part of the battle I though we might not make it, but my interup spirit rules!!!! LOL.

    Seriously, we manage to do this mission with 8 mercenaries, IMO your build wasnt the right one.

    edit: the second team had a MM that was very very usefull, I still don't get why people want MM been unnerfed, they still dominate in pve no problems!
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