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    I've replayed this mission a couple of times (with my mesmer) now, because I wanted to know what was going on there.

    First time:
    Success. Me/Mo, my normal allround domination setup. Other team: a ritualist with henchies.

    Second time:
    Failure. Me/Mo, my normal allround domination setup. Other team: full henchies (you know that there is no other player when the other henchies are green triangles instead of dots.) Reason for the failure: general wipeout at the second battleground.

    Third time:
    Failure. Me/Mo, still the normal domination setup. Other team: Wa/Mo and henchies.

    Forth-Ninth time:
    Failures. Me/N, having switched Echo* for Well of Power and Ether Feast for Well of Blood. Other teams: Variations of 1 A/x + henchies and 2-6 mixed players (including melee) + henchies.

    Tenth time:
    Success. Me/N using Well of Power, Well of Blood, basically only Empathy and Guilt from my domination skills. Other team: full henchies. I let the henchies attack whatever they wanted and just spammed the wells and an occasional guilt and empathy. It seems that they went for the right targets. No single death.

    I'm beginning to believe that it's the human melee players who cause the wipeouts. They select their targets and make the henchies attack the wrong things...

    With a human other team, I've also had serious trouble with the second Am Fah ambush on the way to the meeting spot. Here, the other humans dragged my henchies away from me, so that at one time, me and Mhenlo actually died. It was an almost full human team there.

    I was so glad when it was a full henchie round in the end. Now I paid attention to the story and am not that confused anymore.

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    Tried it again with my Tyrian mesmer. Got into a pug only to discover that theyve decided that they are gonna run the first part (since it CANT be done otherwise i was told ). We go in - the wars start to run and the Npc turn to foes just in time for Mhenlo to arrive. He gets wiped out and we loose. I leave the party and go for an all hench one. Start - take it very slowly - and when i get to Togo i see its a full hench team following togo - they wiped out the whole waves of enemies even before i got to him. Then we go on and all (both teams) the hench follow my calls. No one dies again - once again a very simple mission - utter chaos, a complete denial of everything that pve stands for in my book and way too long. It has no replay value for me - like most of the Canthan missions.

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    This is a very strange mission indeed. I just did this mission for the third time yesterday and it was not before then that I realized what was going on. So, I must say that I would have liked a few words of advice (or warning) from NPCs´ side.
    The first two times I tried this mission with my assassin + henchies. Imagine my confusion when I found some dropped items for a different player who was nowhere to be seen. Imagine how annoyed I was when I was quickly pummeled to death by dozens of enemies because all of my henchies suddenly ran away to greet the newly arrived Mhenlo. And it was quite a while until they came to the conclusion that it wouldn´t be that bad to res me for a change...
    Do I have to mention that there was no other team (or even a single player) alongside Mhenlo? Well, perhaps they dropped or didn´t dare to show up or something like that. But still, for the rest of the missions there were items dropping for this other player... and quite nice ones I must say, like silver dye, purple weapons etc.
    So I kept cutting those ugly guys to pieces all on my own with only Togo, Mhenlo and my henchies by my side and it went all fine until I was again overwhelmed during the last boss encounter, because this [censored] Tai refused to toss one single heal my direction although I was running in circles for about half a minute with my health bar nearly nonexistent. Total wipe follows...
    So I tried again. This time there was not a single sign of another party on the map, not even item drops. I was not too surprised that it was a breeze this time. And I had loads of fun kicking the behinds of wave after wave of those uglies. They just kept dying.
    So, yesterday I tried this mission with my mesmer + henchies and it was even easier although my friends with their tiny AI left me again for Mhenlo who - surprise, surprise - did have company this time. It was a full team of 8. I think there was not a single word spoken in chat, but everyone did their job and we finished this mission without any problems although I died once during the last encounter when my henchies once more decided to help out the other team fighting at battlefront A while I was fighting uglies at battlefront B.
    So, all in all I haid one failure due to that infamous hench(wo)man stupidity and two really successful runs... The first can happen in any mission (except perhaps this running away) and the second shows me that tis mission can not be too hard. (But this annoying "deserting hechmen" bug just has to be fixed.)
    As for other teams screwing up intentionally and stuff like that... I can´t really say much about that. I´m from Germany and luckily it is not that common to #@&%$ other players here, especially if it is not even PvP but rather the opposite. I find this quite irritating. I usually play in communities where people actually enjoy the game and interact in a friendly way with lots of joking remarks flying around (even if it is their own behind that is being kicked in PvP).

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    I really dont like this mission. My 1 char I have taken through it had to try 4 times before success.

    First time: Had Myself and 1 other with henchies, the other team consisted of a level 15 warrior and henchies they got destroyed before getting to the first battle.

    Second & Third time - other group found out had henchies and they left.

    Fourth time joined a PUG and we got very lucky. After the final battle ended we had 3 yes 3 people left plus Menhlo & Togo.

    It was utter choas and extremely stressful. I did not enjoy it in the least and now have more chars to get through there.

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    If progress is going to be gated at a co-operative mission, there needs to be some mechanism in place to compensate for the other team quiting out. As is, they quit, you die, no way around it.

    I had a couple fails because the other team never made it to the first rendevous. No problem, at least it's really early on, people trying it for the first time are often overwhelmed, no biggy.

    Third time, me with henchies, another Rit with henchies, not only do we progress through the waves, but quicker than I thought possible with henchies only. We get to the final area, make it through most of the waves there. Kill the blue boss, other player caps skill and leaves, death and failure for me.

    For crying out loud, why couldn't they stay the extra two or three minutes to complete it?

    So, there needs to be some mechanism to prevent stuff like this.

    Possible options:

    1.) Stiff penalty of some sort for quiting out. Maybe a persistant debuff that can't be dispelled and remains on the character for an hour, a day, or maybe even until they complete the mission successfully.

    2.) Instant replacement of quiting character with henchman. Easy to do. Currently, if the player logs, their henchmen leave as well, which is instawipe for the other team. Better than nothing, at least you have some small chance.

    3.) Disable map travel and ragequit for coop missions. Far from perfect, but may keep some people in that would quit otherwise.

    4.) A pop up alerting the player that if they quit now, the other players will not be able to finish the mission and will need to start over. Most people probably know that they are screwing others over, but for those that don't, or at least possess a healthy conscience, such a simple pop up confirmation, where the person has to type "quit" to exit might make a difference.

    What ever the mechanism, their needs to be something to prevent someone from just quiting out and completely ruining the mission for the other team.
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    I'll keep it short - I like it! I've had about a 60% success-rate but the main issue is that it's more of a challenge.
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    The only thing which is somewhat annoying. If the other team dies, or theres one left without a res and cannot res them. I speak about this because I took my Monk through it, in a team where I was the only Monk apart from Mhenlo.

    I managed to keep them all alive and my team did the mission without the other team, but it was a very long and hard effort with all the ressing, constant moving, team work etc. Luckily I had a team that stayed together for constant healing, but when the other team is dead, your team or the other team if your team is dead, may find it somewhat.....


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    Quote Originally Posted by Delusion

    What makes this worse is that (speaking as a ritualist) most ritualists use the same skills, and dont realise that the skills they are using can cancel out those of another ritualist. Skip forward to a group with 3 ritualists all casting Union at once, and what you have isnt a well formed or even remotely balanced group. Instead you just have 1 guy casting a spell whilst 2 others burn off 15 energy and waste 3 seconds of combat time doing nothing.


    Give the time for the all ritulists to talk to each other and not get the same spirits then. It almost like the days of having 2 necros and arguments over corpses.

    As to assassins, my A/N is fun as I tend to have 1 lead 1 offhand 1 dual plague touch shadow ref vipers defense teleport into battle res signet.

    Its kept me alive and yes my off-hand actually states it does more damage if my health is less than 79%. Not having any /mo to worry about i dont enchant mending on me but try to stay with 50% and 75% health.

    Assassins got bad early press in the start as they tended to think they were tanks. Assassins arn't. They are spike damage dealers that then need to have some means of self heal/recovery. Those that didn't leant the rest a bad name.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fiontar
    If progress is going to be gated at a co-operative mission, there needs to be some mechanism in place to compensate for the other team quiting out. As is, they quit, you die, no way around it....
    My personal favorites would be

    1. Give their guild a increased faction degrade penalty - punishment should follow very shortly.

    2. A new title given to all showing how many missions this character has Quit. Obviously, when you pick a party, you are going to try and get those with a title showing 0 - 5, not one showing 287.

    This title to be unable to be removed.
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    Yeah, the co-op mission idea sucks. Well, the idea alone is pretty cool. In practice, though, it sucks. I don't remember how many times I had to re-do the stupid thing, what with the other team quitting or just being stupid, or even my own team abandoning me to defend Mhenlo by myself... but I had to repeat that mission way too many times.

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