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    GWOnline.Net Member Sango's Avatar

    How does one team be able to start on the Togo side?


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    i beat the mission on the first try. i lead one full team of henchies and another guy lead his full team of henchies. it was quite a bit of fun, probably the best fight i've seen in gw

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    I guess we just got lucky...

    First try were walking along and then all of a sudden we all died and the mission was failed. After rezoning and alot of WTF's we realized the other team did something wrong. We started the mission one more time and it was a breeze...even though I was lagging to all hell for about 10 minutes and could barely move my team handled it and to my supprise didnt ***** about it either...I thanked then after for being understanding.

    It didnt really seem to be that bad of a mission...Im glad i got it over with quick after seeing some of the stories here. I still have nightmares from thunderhead...trust me I understand. :)

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    Funny post, OP, but I didn't have the same experience.

    Me and a guildie didn't even realize it was a coop mission with multiple teams until we stood around waiting for the timer to count down, going WTF? it was two of us plus henchies. The other side was some German group, mostly human players. We finished on the first attempt. In fact it was pretty easy. We were lvl 14. It MAY be that we just lucked out with the other group, or it may be that you had really bad luck. Try switching to European servers perhaps if you're on American. Tend to be a little better quality of player I find. Please don't start a flame war - this is not about Americans vs. Europeans. :0

    I'd definitely like to give it another shot just to see if it gets easier when you know what you're doing, or whether it was just pure blind luck the first time.


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    I beat on my second try with my ranger from Tyria. The first time Togo or Menhlo glitched, the other team left after that, and it was impossible to beat it. The second time, we beat it pretty easily and I capped Broad Head Arrow too :-)

    So I guess it does depend on luck of the draw and how competent the other team is, and hopefully the glitches won't happen. I think it's potentially a fun format, but the potential for it to not work is too great, imho...

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    GWOnline.Net Member austra's Avatar

    I also did this on the first try with my level 19 ranger I brought over from Tyria and the rest henchies. I didn't realize it was a cooperative mission until I read this thread. I was wondering where all of the people came from. I had a level 19 stalker and I noticed a tiger in the mission. There also where a ton of bone minions.

    It must be better to be ignorant and lucky.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Drec Sutal's Avatar

    I beat this mission on my first try from cantha. Our team was pretty good, all lvl 20, only 2 Assasins, but also only one monk. I played a few minions, well of blood and BiP. Our team would probably have held our own with pretty much any team, but we probably only got the expert completion because the other team was... Ignorance Embraced. That's right, a full guild team, all rank 9, (as they showed after the first wave) and now rank 79 on the ladder. Talk about getting lucky...

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    GWOnline.Net Member Tessalina's Avatar

    Well, since I heard other people had positive experiences with this, I went back and did the mission again today just to see how things would go. The first time was a bust, but the second time I got a good second team and we beat the mission no problem and it was pretty fun.

    So, it seems the bf and I just had a really bad string of luck on our first go at the mission

    I still think it *is* a nice idea, but in order to avoid incidents like I had, and just general frustration and confusion, these mission types need:

    - A message before hand stating that it is a two team mission
    - A clearer explaination of what you need to do
    - Bugs and glitches fixed(henchmen abandoning your party for the other party and Togo/Menhlo getting stuck and/or not opening the gates).
    - The ability to heal cross team/see the other team in the allies section of the party window
    - Henchmen substitution if someone quits

    If they do that then I think these missions will go just fine. A major part of the problem, besides bugs and the unavoidable jerks, is in the past with most missions, you may not have known what you needed to do and failed, but eventually you figured it out and succeeded. The thing is with this mission, you have to hope that both your group and the other group have figured out what to do or you can all potentially fail. So clearer explainations are a must.

    On a related note, the same really needs to be done for the challenge missions. They are easier to figure out, but it needs to state somewhere "optional mission" and there needs to be an NPC in game in the mission waiting area that explains the basics and rewards system.

    A little more clarity, some bug fixes, and better implementation of party interaction and I think most of my issues with these missions would go away.

    Edit: oh and how players pick the side they are on: There are two different entrances to this mission.

    - One is the Foreign Quarter Accessed through Bukdek Byway. Any player can go here. This group starts with Mehnlo

    - The other is the Local Quarter accessed through the undercity. Only Cantha born characters can access this one by following the primary quest line and eventually reaching it. This group starts with Togo.
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    GWOnline.Net Member Sango's Avatar

    I had a good experience as well. I used my monk (from Tyria) and was part of a team which had two other monks, 2 MMs, and warriors I think it was. It was a blast since the whole team was able to stay up very solid. One of the warriors on the team also said, wow massive healing!!

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    GWOnline.Net Member Psymun's Avatar

    My Ritualist had a fun trip through this level. I couldn't find anyone on the local side, so I loaded up with 7 henchies. I got into the mission and met my foreign counterpart, a "nerfed" Minion Master with 7 henchmen. Dispite being "nerfed", the MM basicly cleared the entire level by himself. The 14 henchmen and I pretty much watched and occationally healed the NPCs. So either this mission isn't too hard, or Minion Masters are still better than anyone else, take your pick.

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