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    neat zodiac hammer, echoman.also good stats on it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IBAR
    omg look at those xp's
    how many hours spent on those chars :)
    fastest way i know to farm exp is with a ranger (farmed 500k the last 4 days)
    its an repeatable quest called duel of the houses (just north outside brauer academy), takes 2 minut to earn a little 2k exp....

    warrior forum steals from the ranger forums, whats nxt warriors with 12 mark using barrage ?
    Ranger > warrior

    that sephis axe is quite expensive
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    Here is my warrior and his pet

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    No fancy armor or anything, but the look suits me just fine. Here's an old pic of my warrior:

    Not much in the way of exp since I never farm, so I won't even bother taking a screenie of that.

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    I ran to my favourite little spot... this is a bit of an experiment on how to embed for me. Normally I use a humble tanzits or shiro's sword, seeing as I just sold my runic axe in some lag

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    My war with Wing's Axe and Strongroot's Shelter.

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    Heres a screenshot of my W/MO. I have about 1.5m exp now. +500k Gold. Its about a week old this screenshot.

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    What armor is the one that Valerria is wearing on Page 4?

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    Kurzick 15k

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