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    Elyas Aeuphora

    Head: 15k Kurzick dyed Orange
    Rest: 15k Canthan dyed Orange + Brown

    Goes brilliantly with my Deldrimor shield.

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    Here you can see Chareos Rantras with his new armor set (norn + bandana) and his brand new tormented shield.

    And here a new combo i found when experimenting
    (it's FoW helm + primeval chest and leggs + elite charhide gauntlets and boots):


    Chareos Rantras

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    Made a new warrior because I didnt play my other, so my old one is now a weapon storage for this one. Will probably get prot of tyria and cantha, and get elite charr hide for more spikyness (to match militia shield). Not gonna take a secondary though, so no nightfall.

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    hey i saw some gold colored fellblades and i was curious what dyes you guys used to make it look like that?

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    My warrior... he is still lvl 15 hasnt even got closer to stars yet, he is gona b my main.

    Im adding +30hp on scimi today.

    Armor mix(elite templar helm+ elite gladiotor chest+ elite gladiotor arms+ regular sunspear legs + regular sunspear boots)

    After i beat factions or get up to it ima get elite kurzik with my templar helm.

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    Can someone post a Female Warrior with Full 15k Glads, and Monument and Silver Eagle Legs? Thanks!

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    can some1 post or show if alrdy have posted me a warrior with eltie kurzik and elite templar helm dyed silver(just matching rly)
    because i plan i getin it when i get farther in factions

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    GWOnline.Net Member roar roar's Avatar

    Rawr, wammos.

    Shawn in the red, me in the blue.

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    GWOnline.Net Member click's Avatar


    Just grabbed the blindfold last night.

    <3 it

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    I obtained a picture of my previous requests, and have one more: Female 15k Glads with Norn Gloves and Boots.

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