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    Quote Originally Posted by altoids View Post
    Just so you know, tanking was never designed specifically for GW. Warriors were never set up as "the tanking class". They're one of the games main sources of DPS.
    This time my warrior was deleted out of disinterest.

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    Hi, I just signed up to this site and I was really curious if someone could show me a picture of male elite dragon armor but with an obsidium helm. That would be great thanks. Also how can I get pictures of my guy on here?

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    Hey Mutt and welcome to the forums.
    You can upload your pictures up to here:
    and then you'll get a link that you paste here and we'll see your pretty!
    Imageshack enables you to upload pictures without even registering so that one is super easy. If you do register and make a free account, then you can access the pictures you upload at a later time also.

    As for the mix - the forum is pretty dead actually. I suggest visiting guru, which is SLIGHTLY more active. The game is a bit old so - so none is actually as active as it was. Which means that while asking for pictures is perfectly fine, getting an answer is slightly tricky. (As you can see, the last post in this thread was made almost 7 months ago.)
    Since wiki has the pictures of the armours up - I just threw them in an image editor and erased the elite dragon helm, showing the fow one:

    (Disregard the poor erasing on the neck - there should be no glitch in game where I made it. >.>)
    Hope that helped a bit.

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    Upier, your the bomb! Thanks so much man and as for the additional info about Guru? Sweet! I will have to do that, thanks again man. Cheers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muttimus View Post
    If you want to show the picture, instead of the just the link, you can select a different link on Imageshack.
    To embed the picture - making it look like this:

    select this:

    or to embed the thumbnail - making it look like this:

    select this:

    Have fun!

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    Salvation of Tyria [SoT]

    I just love my Silver Eagle + Festive Hood combo. Has something Norn-ish about it, imho.

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