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    Guild Armor Crafter.

    Friend o' mine and I were kicking around an idea of a guild armor crafter, and I thought I would post the idea. Like the title suggests the idea consists of a droks lvl armor crafter for guild halls. However unlike droks armor the price would be double and so would the crafting matierals. Also to distinguish this armor from droks or any other armor it would have the trader skin for each armor type or a new generic guild skin that would cover all types of armor.

    Some benifits for this system would be:
    1. Vets making new character would more likely run through the game as intended no longer having to run to droks to get max armor.
    2. Promote guild recruiting.
    3. New guild member that are new to the game would be less likely to be run to droks by other member and skipping parts of the game.
    4. Other ones I no longer remember.

    Um... thats it I guess... anyone care to expand or shoot down?

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    Guild armor (new visual style that takes on the appearance of the guild its in at the time you buy it, so each hall would have its own style, if you wanted the lot thats an expensive amount of halls you'd have to keep buying to get them all, nice goldsink for anet)

    price of 15k armor

    and have a level requirement of 20, so lvl 1's couldn't immediately get the best armor stats available.

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    GWOnline.Net Member GrimShade's Avatar

    I would love it, especially if we could design the armor, and let the head of the guild approve it. Add some serious diversity, but I'm sure it would be a pain on the devs.

    I also like the lvl 20 reqs, too many people in the low level arena's with droks armor. kinda defeats the purpose of it.

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    I like the idea and agree need to have a level requirement. Nice gold sink and nice way to promote your guild.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Scutilla's Avatar

    I love this idea- perhaps a 100k crafter with Drok's level armor, and maybe a 15k crafter costing 200-300k? They'd have to make it so they'd only sell armor from towns you've been to, though (to solve the low-level max armor and cross-chapter problems).

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    I think if they did something like this, anyone should be able to have access to it, providing they were lvl 20 ofcourse. Much the same as the guild halls, you can get any one you want if you have factions or not.

    Lets say, 100k for the guild blacksmith.

    Then, and this could make things interesting.. For crafting materials. You've got your basic common one, BUT the other is a material that can only be found in the location your Guild Hall is styled upon.

    Burning Isles is it? Based on the fire island chain, one of the materials could be something from those flesh golems or hydra's

    That Imperial Isle, maybe something from afflicted perhaps?

    and so on and so forth with each guild hall. It could also be a way to let people almost look like Mursaat, the burning isle = fire island chain = mursaat stronghold :) Maybe semi mursaat semi Jade looking armor.

    The imperial one, perhaps fancy robes, would be cool to see a warrior in robes and armor.

    The one from Kryta could be kinda camo style, jungle troll skin or scarab shell

    the ascalon one.. and some would love this one I bet... CHARR STYLE w00t.

    Damn Gaile I hope your reading this thread, it would be such a cool thing to have, go tell the others about the possibility of a competition to design guild hall armor like that :D:D:D hehe

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    GWOnline.Net Member JasonLa's Avatar

    An interesting idea. An armor look that is different than all the other armor from your GH. Would there be a different one for each GH or just one look for all GHs?

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    GWOnline.Net Member Ju Smurph's Avatar

    Intresting idea, sounds like a bit of a bugger to 'iron out'

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    I wonder if ArenaNet has any devs available to work on something like this. It would provide more visual diversity.

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    GWOnline.Net Member bRydeR's Avatar

    Nice idea and perhaps a guild crafter which crafted armour with a one new skin, or even one per faction, might be do-able but a unique one for each guild simply isn't practical imho.

    Firstly, there are thousands of guilds and eight professions. If only, say, 2500 guilds decided to take this option that's another 20,000 armours to design and model. Even were it feasible from a design point of view you'd lose any visual distinction between them anyway as I doubt it's possible from a creative perspective to design much more than a few dozen while maintaining any kind of diversity. There are also the technical/bandwidth/performance issues - as we could potentially meet a player wearing any armour available in the game we need to be able to render them so they have to be downloaded to your client. Ignoring all this, just considering the amount of development and graphics design this would need, I'd much sooner that resource be engaged in improving and expanding the game that tied-up pandering to the wills of guild leaders.

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