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    bloodstained boots in Cantha where the heck are they?

    Does anybody knows the location of the armor crafter for bloodstained boots in CANTHA?

    THX in advance for your replies

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    They are not in. Though mentioned in the update notes, no crafter in Cantha has them.

    I hope they fix this with the next update.

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    I taught I wasnt missing any post lol.
    Ok I hope they fix it too, thank you.

    Dance Of Deaths

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    So my guess is no one could find the bloodstain boots in Cathan. Wow, I am really surprised that anet could make this kind of mistake ... posting an update without checking its validation !

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    Does that mean we'll get to craft bloodstained boots with any skin?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott the Green
    Does that mean we'll get to craft bloodstained boots with any skin?
    Yeah, that's what it means. Even FoW Bloodstained Boots, which I was really looking forward to when I read the update notes, but then an hour later when I reached the Forgemaster, nothing. Quite a dissapointment. I guess I'll still have the "going fishing" look for a while longer.

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    well they stuck them in the game now :), stupid me though, i am out of money and about 1.5k armor set....

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    No, they did not put them in the game.

    I checked several crafters - no Bloodstained Boots or something with another name but the same effect.

    Minion Master Boots are not Bloodstained Boots. Check again.
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    Finally the Bloodstained Boots are here !!!

    At all major armourer stores ... check them out now, while stock lasts

    Batteries not included.

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    Yeah, finally.
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