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    No Skill quests :-(

    So I made a W/A, and I've found that after the first bit of training you get in the monastery you can't get any other skill quests. I get lots of skill points, but no quests.

    Are you really supposed to buy all your skills? That's a lot of levelling to get all the skill points.


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    It isn't that bad - a large number of quests give skill points as part of the reward. If anything you'll be blocked on coming up with 1 plat for each skill you want to buy.

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    yeah it prtty easy, just play the game, and youll be surprised

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    They made it easier to get skill pts, from quest and at 2k-3k exp per quest, skill pts wont be a problem anymore

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    But the money might be for some of us who don't farm.

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    You can craft your armor and buy weapons and still buy all the skills you want - you will not need to farm for money at all.

    You can make a lot of money in Factions just from selling to the Merchant.

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    True, but still for 1K a skill....

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    Well it starts out cheap (50 gold?) but ramps right up to 1K quickly enough. I do miss the quest method of getting skills. However maybe it isn't that bad. I'm going to count up how many skills my new Me/E gets by the time I'm done with the Mesmer Insignia and compare to Tyria.

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    I guess since the quests gives you gold thats what its for...

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    Yeah, money's the issue with the new skills. I have something like 90 spare skill points on my main character and I'm madly questing to try to raise the money to buy the skills.

    I mean, given that you're handed a free FIVE THOUSAND EXP each time you cap an elite, exp farming atm is a thing of the past. It's gold farming now.

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