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    I need information!

    Could anyone tell me what is that skill that the monk with the sword and the shield uses in one of the factions gameplay trailers? she uses a shield that summons a man , maybe a guardian or a spirit, could anyone explain to me what skill is that? if it is a skill...

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    That must be the new Monk/Warrior/Ritualist 3-attribute skill.

    EDIT: Welcome to the forums. I haven't seen the video, but that most likely was a, shall we say, liberal interpretation of the action found in Guild Wars.

    No shield summons anything, but Ritualists, Rangers and Necromancers all have various skills that can conjure critters.
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    If you mean summoning that guy that looks like ghostly hero.

    In two missions, you have pickable/dropable item (like gear...) which when dropped summons this guy who prevents next X damage (i think its 120) (It can be used over and over to help monks a lot. they will need a lot help ...)

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