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    Real Guild Wars[weekly guildwars show]

    Hey, Im the creator of Real Guild Wars. It is a weekly show (an episode gets released every weekend) taken place in Guild Wars. Only one episode is out at the moment and the next one will be out this weekend, hopefully. I will be posting here the new episodes if you guys like it. Tell me what you think! Here is the roughly made first episode http://media.putfile.com/Real-Guild-Wars

    The next episode will be 10x better. Since I now know what I am working with, it is smoother and instead of using songs from other bands, my bro and I made our own! Hope you guys like it!

    Oh and if you have some extra gold, we are accepting donations The largest donations will be mentioned in the credits of the next episode and we will also mention any other donations, even if it wasnt the greatest.
    Please support the crew! :D

    ps: If you want to donate whisper Matador Crow


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    That was actually pretty funny, especially the part when you guys are running from the trolls. :D
    Other than that I thought there was a little too much talking in fixed plan sequences.

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    It was rather funny, though Mata Dor has an annoying voice (no offense to anyone...)

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    ....i can't seem to get it too work...

    as i wrote this, it worked :D

    Lol the troll bit is hilarious
    Last edited by frigidchill; 10-05-2006 at 14:18.

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    Loved the show
    If you need an figurant my IGN is kagie the sacred ^^
    That billy bob what ever was really good

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    The voices were amazingly annoying and bad and the acting was kinda poor. I would suggest native english speakers and people that can act, along with a new cameraman (if you know what I mean). But nice attempt I guess...

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    xunlai I made the camera like that so it was like a home video. Youre the only one that has said bad things about this. I dont know what your problem is but whatever its your oppinion.

    Also, all of those people are "native english speakers".

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    OMG! That was great. XD Especially the troll part.

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    Right because I am the only one who said something negative out of five people...oh wait releasetheweasel also complained about the voices too. Again because I am one of the two people out of the total of five posters it must be the fact that I have a problem somehow.... uhm lol
    Anyways the voice acting was terrible, yes it really was and the voices themselves were annoying but as you state this is my opinion and you came here for some opinions, no? I have made and have seen better works made than yours so because I am complaining that it's a bit amateurish and it's voice acting sucks I'm the bad guy? Aww now that's not very nice! People really can't take any criticism here...

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    most talkshow players have irritating voices, it was played get it?(remembers jerry springer).the only thing that bugged me was that i needed to crank up the volume to max to hear the childrens voices.

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