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    Assassin/Ranger with a bow


    1. Sharpen Daggers
    2. Favourble winds
    3. Barrage (E)
    4. Savage Shot
    5. Vipers Defence
    6. Shadow Refugee
    7. Critical Eye
    8. Res sig (unless in 12vs12)

    Sharpen Daggers makes all ur critical hits bleed, barrage rangers are always looking for ways to increase damage.

    So bleeding to all critical hits, spamming barrage with critical eye, mass bleeding. FW to add more damage and accuracy.

    Savage shot for disruption

    Vipers defence - warrior charges u, hits u, wait u gone he poison :D since using a bow teleporting wont stop you from attacking.

    Shadow refugee, as long as your attacking you will get the second heal, for a ranger hey that fine :D

    So u bleed them, barrage them for more damage, and get crits to keep energy going.

    Another one is using sharpen daggers, poison arrow, duel shot, punishing shot, savage shot etc. You get them with the degen, inturpt there heals only, shadow refugee keeps you alive, and when ready you can spike them.
    But this requires mass energy i found it good but just not as good. (though i did solo a mesmer (half health) and a ranger + pet (full health) in ra. Probly new to the game though :D

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    its nice, but seriously, leave the bow shooting to rangers. Also, I highly suggest you use a better elite than barrage in anything other than 12v12.

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    fun idea

    tough i agree on letting the bowshooting be done by rangers in pvp and such.

    but i think it will seriously easen up the questing and moving to new areas if u are using henchman, cause when u get on the mainland u prolly wont have acces to the max armor yet due to lack of money so this will keep you longer alive since u att from distance

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    GWOnline.Net Member Lawe's Avatar

    Barrage is good in pve, and allaince battles. In 4vs4 i posted a similar build idea underneath.

    The thing is the critical hits work on bows, giving you more damage, and the amount of skills rangers have to improve there damage could use the assassin.

    Anyway its great fun in ra, 7 degen for ova 20% of your shots and 4 degen if not can be really annoying. The damage output is good as well.

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    Bows' critical is 28, so is Axes, and thru my experience, you're better off with Axes since you can use a shield--crafters has a +30 HP mods in addition to that 16 AL. And Assassins looks so good with a shield--specially when they run. :D

    I recommend the Nightstalker's Armor above all other types of Armor since it gives +15 AL when you're attacking (which you do most of the time).

    ~ I officially quit Guild Wars and will not buy any Anet product in the future starting today, June 19, 2007. I've given all my items and cash to Erasculio and I'm sure he'll be rich with some of them. :wink: ~

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    I'm trying to creat a crit barrager later I might tell teh results... but I think there would be a lack of energy...

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    Not if you have crit strikes over 12; then each hit gives 3 energy, Critical Eye adds another for 4, so in the end if just one of the Barrage hits criticals you ended up spending only 1 energy for it.

    "Leave the bows to rangers" is sound, but if you're mainly using Barrage, then I think assassins can actually do better than Rangers thanks to the added bleeding damage.

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    Throw in a Zealous string, and you could end up turning a net energy gain from this.

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