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Thread: Green Bow

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    Green Bow

    i just got a green bow off a friend and it makes my health regen -1, is this a rune doin this, or a upgrade, how do i get rid of it

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    1. You can't rune weapons and no runes can make regen or degen
    2. It's a Vampiric mod, while having -1 regen, you're actually stealing 5 health everytime you hit the enemy (Enemy gets hit for an extra 5 damage and you gain it as health)
    3. There's no way to get rid of it, if it was a normal weapon you'd have been able to change the mod that was causing it but since it's a green weapon it's not possible (Green weapons can't be modified).

    The best way to get around it is to just equip a different weapon before you fight something, and whenever you go to fight something change over to the vampiric bow. Vampiric is a good mod, just annoying if you're holding it while not in a battle.

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