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    Unhappy Celestial Weapons: pretty but lousy...

    It seems a perfect Celestial Weapon is rather rare. Each in their little way is a bit off from max stats. You can get max damage but it'll likely be 14^50 rather than 15^50 or something like that. Than again people tend to pay a lot for cosmetic differences.

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    wow nice swords and shields...o_o shiny-ness...>_>;; hmm somewhat makes me want to get them.

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    I have to say i've never been a fan a Celestial weapons. Beacuse to me it just seems that it's one randomly shaped pruple lump that kind of resembles a weapon. But the floating dots are cool.

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    Would go well with sun and moon slash. Still won't get rid of my beloved FDS for it though.

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    Gah! You "Mageblades" will all fail! Nothing says "AARRRGGHH, MY ARM!" better than cold steel!

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    They look ugly to me... <_<

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    Horrible purple garish nastyness...

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    ...how well do they dye? =_=

    Seriously. If I can turn one blood red, I'm all for it.

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    they look like the bits of chewing gum with dust-fluff u find stuck under a desk or to a chair. I've yet to see any swords in factions I particularly like atm (butterfly swords are my fav from prophecies), I'm sure I will eventually though.

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