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Thread: laptop help.

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    laptop help.

    Hi ,
    Am in need of some help please!
    Brought the first Guild wars today and have a problem- I cant zoom out into 3rd person view on my laptop.
    Have contacted help bods who diddnt know what to do so sent me a list of forums.
    Problem seems to be that I dont have a wheel on mouse, just a touch pad.
    Any idears welcome!
    Thankyou fro your time.

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    Did you try to configure your keyboard in the options menu I believe you can assign a key to zooming in or out.

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    I thought that all Laptops allowed you to plug a mouse into it even if it didn't come with one, such as a USB port compatible mouse?

    If they don't allow that, then I think you're out of luck.

    There isn't any way [that I know of] to set the zoom out/zoom in options to a key, sorry.

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