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    When is my birthday?

    Using the /age command it says I've played my character for 222 hours 45 minutes over the last 11 months. I wasn't sure what day I purchased the game (this was my first character) so I checked the shortcut on my desktop and I installed the game on May 14, 2005 (one year ago today). I woke up today expecting a birthday gift in my inventory but I did not have one. Now I'm trying to figure out when exactly my character's birthday is. I did notice that I installed the game at 4:49pm. Is anet that exact and they're waiting until then to give me my gift?

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    you will get the present once your character is 12 months old and not a year since you installed the game.

    if it says that your char is 11 months old, you have to wait one more month

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    If you started the character exactly when you installed the game, then yeah...4:49 pm.

    Otherwise, it's when you turn 1 year old...exactly.

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    you dont have to wait another month. it will continue to say 11 months until you are 12 months old. i guess they go by the time ur char was started, if u installed at 4:49 it should be a few minutes after that.

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    For me it said 11 months for the longest time.

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    For me it has been 11 months for the past three months ;).

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    As posted above: its exactly 12 months after the starting of your oldest, STILL PRESENT character... so if you deleted your first, you will have to wait, till the second becomes 1 year... (like a guildie of my)

    Example: (not install time, but character creation time) you created your first character, mister X, at 4.54 pm GMT at the 14th of May 2005, you will receive the present somewhere around 4.54 pm GMT at the 14th of may 2006. If you created mister X and deleted it in last year, you wont receive the present until mister Y (your second character, made on june 22th) gets 1 year old...

    ok I will stop posting in forums today, if I start writing silly examples like that, I need to get a break...

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