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    Ever gonna be mounts???

    The only thing about WoW that intrigued me were the mounts and thats like the one thing that WoW has over GW. Even if they were all the same but in different colors, I would be happy

    The one place this might screw the game up, however, is explioting the mounts and running skills by running much easier. This would be easily remedied by having mounts be entirely astetic but with a very slight movement speed advantage (so that you could outrun enemies) and a sort of stamina bar for the horse, when the bar got low then the horse would slow down.

    So my question, I guess, is: Will there ever be mounts with future expansions?


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    GWOnline.Net Member xXBinaryXx's Avatar

    Never say never, but in the existing 2 chapters they wont introduce mounts. The reason for this is you can map travel if you need to get somewhere and also that distances between objectives are never really that far.

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    Darkstar The Legend
    As binary said mounts aren't really needed in GW since you can travel to any outpost with a simple click of the mouse.

    One thing i would quite like to see is a pack mule, something that follows you around and gives you more storage while out adventuring. Or yes they could add mounts as a asthetic, with maybe some variation in the horses that have different prices, for example you could start off with a relativly cheap basic horse, and at the top you can have a beutiful white charger with full barding or even something like a unicorn as a mount.

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    Mounts in GW? Gods, I hope not.

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    GWOnline.Net Member xXBinaryXx's Avatar

    Im pretty keen on Darkstar's idea though. Hadn't thought of that before but it's a fantastic idea.

    *goes off to dream about Grizzly Adams*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bozos Of Bones
    Mounts in GW? Gods, I hope not.
    Same here, GW doesnt really need mounts, since you can travel from place to place by simply using the Map

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    Definitely like the idea of pack mules.


    screw mounts, this is all I care about now (that is, as long as it has health and can die).

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    i think the game would be better if the whole of cantha was one online world, by this i mean you dont need to have a party to see people out of towns, and it didnt have loading screens, well thats my oppinion

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    GWOnline.Net Member xXBinaryXx's Avatar

    Cool - and then change the name to something like World of Guild Warscraft.

    The game is what it is. The basis wont change, but little added extras can be and are implemented.

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    Definitely agreed.

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