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Poll: Should henchies collect gold?

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    (MERGE) Should henchies collect gold?

    One thing that has bugged me for some time now... Those indescribable henchies like to take their earnings in items, even the precious sort-after greenies, but are just too pretentious to pick up gold from the floor after a fight!

    Why is it we have to share our loot with them, eh? :-)

    Try to keep in mind game-enjoyment levels as well as convenience when answering, and I hope this is a useful poll being my first...

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    I don't even want to know what would happen if Anet tried to implement a script/pathing doodlebop for henchies to pick up their own loot. I'd much rather myself pick up the gold then have a henchman get stuck on a rock or something trying to pickup the gold for itself.

    However, I do wish there was some sort of way of knowing what items are dropping for the henchmen. Perhaps your auto-distribute without picking up items at all option would work? Simply a text notification to know what you were missing out on would suffice.

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    omg, i just read the hunter gatherer thing and died laughing. I'd have to agree with the guy who pwned my mother on that one.

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    hench takes part of the loot to prevent bot farming with hench

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    ITs not a big deal to just pick it up your self

    Do you really want Alesia
    a.agroing another mob?
    b. Choosing to pick up gold during battles

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Pwn Your Mother
    However, I do wish there was some sort of way of knowing what items are dropping for the henchmen. Perhaps your auto-distribute without picking up items at all option would work? Simply a text notification to know what you were missing out on would suffice.
    Yah, I was trying to word up an option for this, and couldn't so just left it out :)

    I think it would be good if ONLY purple/gold/green items were displayed in the text window for henchies, along the lines of:
    "Devona picks up Galigord's Stone Staff"
    etc.. The question then would be, ARE these items actually dropped/processed for at all for henchies by ANet, or is it a simple 'you only get this item' and no items are actually assigned to henchies.

    Would be interesting to see :)

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    well its in their names "henchmen" they need pay and all they are supposed to do is fight for u, not be ur caretakers

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    The items are really there and henchies picks them, i dont know if someone have noticed by pressing mmm, im not sure if alt or ctrl, or something, that when a monster dies sometimes you can actualy see the name of an item being displayed and disappearing right after.

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    Henchman a definition (sorry for the length)
    From Wikipedia,
    The word Henchman referred originally to one who attended on a horse, that is, a groom. Hence, like groom, henchman was the title of a subordinate official in a royal or noble household.

    The first part of the word comes from the Old English hengest, meaning "horse". The word also occurs in many Teutonic languages, such as German and Dutch as hengst. The word appears in the name Hengest, the Saxon chieftain, and still survives in English in placenames and other names beginning with Hingst- or Hinx-. It was often rendered as Henxman in medieval English.

    Henchmen, pages of honour or squires, rode or walked at the side of their master in processions and the like, and appear in the English royal household from the 14th century until Elizabeth I abolished the royal henchmen, known also as the children of honour.

    The word became obsolete in English from the middle of the 17th century, and seems to have been revived through Sir Walter Scott, who took the word and its derivation, according to the New English Dictionary, from Edward Burt's Letters from a Gentleman in the North of Scotland, together with its erroneous derivation from haunch. The word is, in this sense, synonymous with gillie, the faithful personal follower of a Highland chieftain, the man who stands at his masters haunch, ready for any emergency. It is this sense that usually survives in modern usage of the word, where it is often used to describe an out-and-out adherent or partisan, ready to do anything.

    Henchmen are common in mystery, fantasy, adventure comic books, and adventure novels and movies. They are the expendable adherents of the head villain, always ready to do his bidding, to kill or be killed, kidnap, or threaten, as needed. They are either killed by the hero before he can get to the main villain, killed by the hero's sidekick in a dramatic battle, or even get killed by the main villain himself as punishment for failure to comply to orders. Henchmen in this sense are also sometimes called lackeys.

    A henchman might also be the NPC (non-player character; computer controlled) follower of a PC (player character) in computer RPGs (role-playing games). This henchman will follow the player around and assist him/her in various manners. In fiction, such supporting characters are normally tied to the hero by bonds of friendship and loyalty, because of which they are usually called sidekicks; the villain's supporters are called henchmen because his villainous nature makes such bonds difficult to establish. Every villain in many Television programs, such as Batman (TV series) had henchmen, usually dressed in costumes reminiscent of the villain's.
    I see no mention of compensation for their friendship and/or loyalty.

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    daftman is right. what i want though is for the henchies to pick up the gold drops because im so sick of having to walk up and pick it up myself :P

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