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    if water magic could heal a bit...

    ...it probably wouldn't be so inferior, especially in PvE. for example, AE damage spells that ALSO healed allies in the area for SMALL amounts. it would be such a little thing to add, but it would make water magic so much better and Eles a little more diverse. not to mention it would add at least a little more healing ability into the game, since lack of healers (even with Rts) still makes completing PuGs a chore. plus it'd be super cool. thoughts?

    (sorry if this idea has been brought up recently but i didn't see anything apparent in a search.)

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    yeah, it'd be cool and imo generally beneficial to the balance of pve. You'd have to be careful not to make it overpowered though, imagine if you could stick double attunement on all healing or prot skills. And I'd have thought being able to heal yourself and do decent damage on the same char might be quite unbalanced in itself.

    Don't think water in general is that bad as it is though.

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    I agree w/ the idea of a water healing spell since water in most religions/myths/etc. equals life, as much as I love my Ranger I think Healing Spring or a similar move should be in the water line

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    A big problem that seems to crop up quite a lot in games is that "water" magic always ends up as "ice" magic, even though historically (if that's the right word) water has always been representative of change (rain - rivers - ice), life-sources, chaos or adaptability in general.

    Water, as is, seems to be almost a mesmer line (or vice versa) with it's anti-signet stuff, maelstrom AoE interrupt and slows.

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    Water healing would be nice,
    Another idea i have been pondering about is water magic being able to slow attack speed by a small amount say 10%. (Very small compared to necro's 50% reductions) I mean if they are going to incorporate the ice ability to encase the targets foot to slow him down, wouldnt his arms be included as well?

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    To a point where its more "thinking" than copying metagame builds.

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    Water is poor in PvE but so are Mesmers and Hammer Warriors...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xunlai Agent
    Water is poor in PvE but so are Mesmers and Hammer Warriors... when used by stupid people

    The message I have entered is too short. Blah blah, blahblah blah, blah somethingblah.

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    I share the same view with Nobleman Azure.
    At least some Water skills which specifically can be imagined to deliver their
    effect subzero, would first of all gain an interesting effect
    and second, Water itself would also hopefully see a bit more use around.

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    Water healing spells would be nothing new to RPGs. I can't count how many use the water line with a little healing and the likes on the side. The best heals always come from the "white magic" lines of the game, but it's quite common to see a handful of healing spells in Water lines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HonshuHigamori

    The message I have entered is too short. Blah blah, blahblah blah, blah somethingblah.
    can you not misquote me? thanks

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