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Thread: GW Themes?

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    GW Themes?

    What's up?

    Is it possible to change Guild Wars in-game themes? As in custom ones made by yourself or other players?

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    No, it isn't. Only the standard one is available.

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    Alright thanks. Maybe a thing they can add in the future. To brighten things up.

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    If you have bought the additional music from DirectSong, and the soundtracks, you will have additional music in the game. I have the variation of the main Factions theme, with steel drums, as my game theme right now. I also know that I have different music in some of the areas thanks to the CE soundtrack and acquiring or buying (some were free) music expansions off of DirectSong.

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    in-game themes

    so why have i seen pics with people character selection page with difrent themses and backgrounds

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    Quote Originally Posted by stuidonald View Post
    so why have i seen pics with people character selection page with difrent themses and backgrounds
    Older versions of the game.
    With every campaign release, the log-in screen changes.
    Alas, we cannot go back to a previous screen.

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    BTW can anyone do a non character in screen of the landscape of the char select screen as a wallpaper?

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    some people should look up stuff before they speak...

    If you are talking about changeing the in-game *desktop* (window bars and tabs ect.) themes then YES you can change those but only the color it is posted on wiki in the modifyers section.
    as for backround themes the only ones know of that you can change are the loading screens that modification is also located in wiki.
    Also there is a mod there that changes your unused character spots to batman logos thats one of my personal favs.
    As for the backround i cant say one dosnt exsite because i clearly remember reading about one in wiki or some other site.. jsut keep your eyes open its out there.

    **** These "Mods" are not Anet regualted use at YOUR OWN RISK.****

    what i REALLY want to see is a GW theme for my computer desktop i have a worldofwarcraft theme now but its geting old something with GW stuff would ROCK. if you know of any PLEASE TELL
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    Keep in mind that this thread was originally created 1.5 years ago, and back then people weren't using TexMod to modify GW, at least not openly.

    Quote Originally Posted by stuidonald
    so why have i seen pics with people character selection page with difrent themses and backgrounds
    Depends on what you saw. You can modify the character selection screen up to a point using TexMod. Again, GW modding using TexMod came along after the original post date. However, if what you saw was the previous versions of the login screen, then no, there is no way to go back to those as far as anyone knows.


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