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    Tablet PC and Guild Wars [gameplay?]

    I'm planning to buy a Tablet PC soon [for college], and given my addiction to GW, I would like it to run well. Currently, I'm going to buy a Toshiba Tecra M4 [Core Duo, when it comes out. It'll run well.] Now, my question isn't about that, but more about gameplay: while, say, I'm walking around, using the tablet with GW open, will I be able to play, click the 1-8 keys with my stylus/etc.? I really think that'd be cool to do, and am curious.

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    Sure you'd be able to click with the stylus and stuff. I believe the windows handwriting recognition will even work on the chat box, key combos may be an issue, but StickyKeys under windows should be able to solve that little problem, you'll get used to it


    Walking around playing GW is a no, it just, you'd trip up or something, people suck at really concentrating on two things. Sitting down, or on the train, whatever, would be cool

    But heres the rub; the ergonomics of the Tablet PC may well work, but, despite having a Core Duo chip for processing, from what I know, Tablet pcs well and truly suck in the 3d department. Obviously it depends upon the end product you choose, but due to their emphasis on battery life, its unlikely you'll find one that can run it satisfactorally, if at all.

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    I'd have to recommend a notebook over a tablet PC, if at all possible.

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    This is the one Tablet with a decent graphics card [NVIDIA Geforce 6600]. I'm REALLY keen on the idea of a tablet for classes/etc, so I think I'll still be going this route. Wish there was more variety though.

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    Well, 6 years on...

    Well 6 years on there is definately more variety tablet wise!

    Just a shame there isn't an Android version of GW.

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    Haha, holy necromancer Batman! Still, a valid one. Could present-day tablets run GW?

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    theoretically? I think the processor should be able to run it, not too sure about the graphics part though...
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    I have seen people running GTA III on a Asus Eeepad Transformer Prime on youtube. GW should not be a problem.
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    Yeah, Transformer Prime is the new king of toys and could handle GW if it was in a Linux/Android flavour.


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    Hmm, interesting. I've been reading up on Windows 8 recently and just found out that it (and 7, I know I'm behind the times) have touch screen compatability, and monitors now have multi-touch screens. So I'm curious as to how well touch screens work with guild wars, and whether anet has said anything about gw2's functionality on this same topic. Should I be buying myself a new touch screen monitor when I get Windows 8 (or Windows 7 if 8 turns out to be bad in some way)?

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