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    good type of ranger for pve

    what kind of ranger should i make for pve?? i'm thinking of making trapper, but i'm not really sure. should i make barrage or b/p or trapper or just a normal marksmanship ranger. also what kind of bow should i use?? right now my char is lvl 6 and in cantha using a dragos flatbow. shes also a trapper right now.

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    At your current level, I would focus on maxing out your Marksmanship until you reach a minimum of 9 (8 if you have the equipment for it). A lot of Max damage bows require a minimum attribute of 9.

    Because you can adjust your attributes and skills freely in town, I would experiment a bit when you wander. I personally find Traps to be less valuable in early levels (not enough Wilderness Survival to make the damage worthwhile, and you need to get all the traps first), but more viable at later levels (especially in missions when folks ask for it). At level 6 in Cantha, you aren't going to be capping Barrage any time soon (first opportunity: Boreas Seabed mission, off of Aurora), so don't even think about it for a while. I would set up your skillbar as such (not necessarily in this order):
    1) Bow Attack
    2) Bow Attack
    3) Preparation of choice
    4) Defensive stance
    5) Free Slot
    6) Free Slot
    7) Troll Unguent/Self Heal
    8) Res of some sort

    Another option is to go full beastmaster. Typically, this means emphasizing less on your bow, and focusing most of your points in Beastmastery. I would bring Charm and Comfort Animal, at the bare minimum, and at least 2 pet attacks of your choice. I would also bring at least one defensive skill for your pet (not sure what is available for starting Canthan characters).

    Don't be afraid to go with "just Ranger", especially in the early levels. You don't have the attribute points to toss around, so it's difficult to use the secondary class to the fullest.

    Most importantly, realize that your options get much better as you reach level 20 and get the two 15 Attribute point quests. You will be limited early on, but by the time you leave Shing Jea Island, you should be close to at least some of your "endgame" goals.
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    thanks for ur help

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    I definitely agree with Hansoo. The build I use until 20 is as follows:

    Penetrating attack
    Distracting shot
    powershot/hunters shot (usually go with unters for the bleeding)
    Troll Unguent
    Free Slot (I use healing breeze here and simply tell the monk not to worry about healing me)
    defensive skill
    preparation(kindle arrows or apply poisen usually)
    Rez/Sig of capture

    this is sort of a jack of all trades build and doesnt specialize in anything. Fit my play style pretty well. Really tho, just go fight some mantids with some different combinations to see what you think will work best.

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    while i was under lvl 20 i liked to use kindled/dual shot a lot, if you have frenzy that helps but you have to be extra careful

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