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    Severe Interrupt team?

    Just an idea for TA, some basic quirks need worked out but I was mainly using 2 very basic concepts.

    Spinal Shivers
    Icy Bowstring

    The team would consist of a Ranger / Necro with Spinal Shivers and an icy Bowstring, Winter, Favorable winds, and Barrrage as an elite, a Necromancer / Mesmer with Arcane echo, Spinal Shivers, Blood Is Power as an elite, and plenty of cover hexes (Matra of Persistance + Conjure Nightmare comes to mind), Warrior / Elementalist or Elementalist / Assassin with some elemental point blank AOE spells (to deal spinal shivers over multiple enemies), Monk / Mesmer with healing setup or bonding setup, whichever is preferred at the moment. The elementalist slot is optional and may be switched with any damage based build of your chosing.

    =Skill Synergy=
    Favorable Winds-
    Added damage to barrage
    Hits multiple casters that may/will likely be clumped together, spreading ice damage to alot of them, and thus interrupting alot of actions.
    Ditracting Shot-
    Used to hit players casting long-cast spells who aren't hit by Spinal Shivers normally.
    General synergy with Spinal Shivers for obvious reasons.

    Blood is Power-
    Counterracts the massive energy cost on the ranger, whom is canceling alot of enemies and thus losing alot of energy.
    Can use hex spells to cover up the spinal shivers

    Elemetnalist (optional)-
    Aoe elemental damage is pretty much it.

    Not intedned for serious play unless you can come up with an improvement, but it would be pretty annoying for a monk to get hit by a team like this.

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    Why not just use winter? That way you can tweak your team's armor to get the maximum advantage and/or keep mods on your weapon.

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    Spinal Shivers is extremely hard to keep on a single target, let alone multiple ones. It also kills your energy if you do manage to interrupt with it.

    I don't see much damage in the build, and it'll be neigh-impossible to shut down a boon prot monk with spinal shivers - they'll simply CoP it off.

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