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Thread: 50% cpu usage?

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    50% cpu usage?

    Hi, a problem recent started where whenver I open guildwars, my cpu's fan starts running really loud. This is the only game it does this with(counterstrike: source doesn't even cause this). Anyway I thought it was weird so I hit ctrl alt delete to check out the cpu usage and its at 50%. That seems pretty strange. My system specs are:

    3ghz pentium 4
    1gb ram
    9800 pro 128 mb video card

    GW runs @ low priority and I tried running with -heapsize 262144(25% of ram) in the target line but the game still runs at 50% cpu usage so I guess they aren't related. The gameplay itself is still smooth with no fps drops or lag it's just i'm worried about the fact that my computer sounds like it is going to blow up. Anyone know how to deal with this and get it to calm down?

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    Most games generally drive your CPU upto 50% or more. I'm running on a 3.2Ghz Pentium and I'm getting 50% too. Just a couple of things come to mind about the noise, are you sure your Fan is connected to the mobo correctly and isn't loose? Are you using any fan speed programs, make sure they aren't exagerating the temp and shoving the fan into overdrive (As prescott based pentiums can run VERY hot).

    http://www.almico.com/sfdownload.php - You could use this program to change what speeds you want the fans to go to when the processor or whatever hits a certain temp.

    I recommend waiting until a couple of others post as I'm not the best person to trust as I don't know 'alot' about computers.

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    just checked, im getting around the same numbers probably no problem there, as for your fans heating up... have you cleaned your heatsinks recently?

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    I just double checked some other games its actually happening with most(including cs:s). So how would I go about cleaning the heatsinks/checking the fan connection? It's a dell if that matters.

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    hmm im not exactly familiar with dell casing designs but the general method would be to open your computer, carefully remove your cpu heatsink and clean it out using perhaps a can of compressed air, best to do this for the fan too or q tips if you dont have compressed air, if this turns out to be the cause then it probably means that you have a case like mine where it absorbs a lot of dust through the bottom of the case, what i do now is put it in a box, it looks stupid but it keeps the dust out

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    I actually found some "cleansafe dust remover" lying around.. It said it was safe for cpus so I didn't disconnect the heatsink. I just opened the case and blasted in the area of the fan and heatsink. Everything seems to be fine and its running quieter now. I guess my problem is resolved :P It is really amazing how almost every inch of my case was covered with dust though. Pretty disgusting. I might have to try that box thing haha. Ty for the help :)

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    Good that you didn't remove the heatsink.

    The reason I say this is that whenever you take the heatsink off, you need to reapply some thermal paste. This is pretty inexpensive (say a dollar at most) but it's pretty effective at keeping temperatures down. Your local computer supply store should have some of this. You also don't need much -- the tube you get may be very small, but it should last a while. Especially since 99% of the time you don't need to remove your heatsink at all.

    I personally wouldn't recommend the box. You may notice these odd things in the computer... you know... fans? They move air around and help keep things cool. Air flow is important, that's why the dust makes things overheat.

    The compressed air cans work just fine. I'm not familiar with the brand you mentioned, but it sounds like (from a quick Google search) it's just normal compressed air. You may also want to consider blowing the dust out of the power supply, since there are fans in there sucking up dust too. You'll want to do this outside.

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    You are at 50%, this is normal for a hyperthreaded or dual-core Intel CPU ~3 GHz.
    Fans spinning up is normal as heat builds up over time while you play. You should check to see if there are exhaust fans (and if they are working).

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