Wanted to begin by saying a "Thank You" to the Mods on this board. It is a hard and never ending job, and yes it is a job. You do an awesome job with a huge user base.
I run a Forum board for another game about half the size of this one, and it is thankless most of the time and very time consumeing. Your's task is tenfold, and you handle it well.
I have not logged in for over a month, job related as well as getting a better attitude , logged in the past two days, umm still the same great posters I enjoyed before, no matter what side of the debate I was on. And still the same picky posters that wish to just belittle others it seems, what is funny is I see these on a few other borads posting the same thing and disrespecting others. I wish you luck with this board the information here is beyond compare, the forums, I would advise anyone to stay away from, except for the lounge.
I will do us all a favor and not log in , the temptation to say something to the abusive posters would so win.
I just wanted to let you know that I have learned many things from this site, and Thank You.