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    Boats in fissure, and other fissure questions :)

    i did look but couldnt find the answer so........

    whats the deal with the boats in fissure?

    everytime im down ther i find my mind wondering away from the fight and i start to imagine why they are there?

    from what i can see there is 4/5 boats or gallions and they dont seem to bear any simularitys to any other boats in the game.

    was it the invading force of the skeletal/shadow army?

    i trawled the whole of gwwiki for the answer but tuned up nothing

    also where is the fissur on a grand scale of plains and dimensions?

    after playing for 10 months i now find myself looking into the lore of the land and looking at the whys and what fors of the game. keep up the good work guys you have added to my interest and enjoyment of the game 100 fold :)

    p.s feel free to hijack this post to put your own fissure questions :)
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