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    Hehehe A go at my Monk and Ranger

    Thats My Interpretation of my Ranger Ophelia Drokans, not too fond of the face...

    A still incomplete Monk....My Monk, DIzzy De Lioncourt, I was going to do busts like these for all my charries :D Good idea do you think? Lemme know!

    I can do requests or Commisions if any one wants to pay me in GW moneh! lmao
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    GWOnline.Net Member flexiboy's Avatar

    Love that monk lol

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    Lol thanks, My boyfriend said not to put make up on her..But I love doing make up XD lmao

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    AMAZING Stuff ! Love the cutesy facial expressions :) Hoping to see more in the future.

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    ofc you will se more :D I draw just about all the time
    thanks btw :D

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    Saahir Everglow
    Adorabe make-up on the monk! :)

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    GWOnline.Net Member Frangeo Munda's Avatar

    Really nice. The monk one sort of has a very old, even pastoral quality to it I think.
    The only problem I see with the ranger's face (otherwise it's really good!) is that the left eye (from her perspective) is not aligned with the other eye. Maybe if you just moved the pupil and iris down a little bit towards the bottom-left?

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    Nkah like... would you consider doing any as commissions? >.>

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    sure, I can do Commisions....But I haven't done any yet, fancy naming the price then?

    Just give me the details, screenies and I'll get on it :D:D

    SOrry for late reply, had BF around XD
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    Hey guys, here my Completed Picture of my monk, Dizzy De Lioncourt

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