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Poll: Ban people who circumvent the WTS filter?

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    Should circumventing the WTS/WTB filter be a bannable offense?

    The new chat enhancement which diverts any lines with "wts" or "wtb" to the trade channel is pretty cool. I like it a lot. I'm glad that ANet put it in, and applaud their efforts to de-spam the game's outposts.

    Naturally, it took all of 10 minutes for people to adopt "w.t.s." "w-ts" and "w t s".

    So now, LA is still spamarific. No worries, we can still keep the channel turned off, I guess. *sigh*

    But it brings us to the point where an end user is acting deliberately to bypass an ingame spam filter. Here at the GWO forums, end users can be banned for repeatedly bypassing the forum's profanity filter. That leads me to believe that people who bypass Guild Wars' "WTS" filter could be banned as well.

    What do y'all think? Is it petition time?

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    GWOnline.Net Member Izlal's Avatar

    whats with all this banning people for doing random things?

    people will work around absolutely any filters they implement, especially if they're on par with Anet's astounding anti-bot code...

    the only way I can see the spam stopping is say, if Anet actually implement some decent trade changes? like say, an auction house? :p

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    My choice isn't up there. Yes, but after a few token warnings perhaps, and dependent on the nature of the filter override.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MixedVariety
    My choice isn't up there.
    That's why I put option #4 for you MV.

    Edit for Masternightfall below:

    That's an awesome idea too! Much in the way that the @Guild option isn't avaialable until you join a guild or the %Alliance option isn't available until you join an alliance. They could just make the !Local option not available for a week if you repeatedly bypass the WTS spam filter. Awesome!

    Further edits:

    Warnings? I can see, but @ Cerulean: It's highly unlikely that you could make an "honest" mistake in this situation. A person's "honest mistakes" will get diverted to the $Trade channel like they're supposed to.

    If you type "w t s" then you're doing it because you don't want it to go to $Trade, and that's intentionally bypassing the filter.

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    Ban? Nah. Just silence those people for a week, or so.

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    I think that they should be warned by Anet first. After a few wanrings ove a predetermined time the yes the ban.

    With warnings it will give people who make an honest mistake a chance to continue.

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    Banning is too extreme as Nightfall stated but a two week timeout might be in order. Ya they could just give us auction *sigh*

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    Well. something like (tempropary of course) banning for tryting to force trade to all chat will be necesary, unless Anet wants to have race with filter circumveiting traders (which s impossible as people are ingenious in circumweiting chat filters).

    Nice kick with ban once in while with purple text wisible to all people in district will result in GREATLY improved trader behavior. If they devote one person/hour a day (surfing common trading towns, kickbanning ~3 'traders' in each location)....

    currenlty, WTS/WTB filter made it even more pain in all chat - its harder to eye-filter trade spam there.

    (BTW: even with auction house, trade spam will be present (but in way less amount) example: "AUCTION: check my auction for OMFG Sword of LEETNESS. high bid 600 ecto, ends in one hour !!!!!!!")

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    <--shameless circumventer

    The root of the problem is the lack of a viable trading system and the need to compete with bots when advertising. No amount of filtering is going to solve this.

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    Banning is a little extreme, jsut ignore and/or go to a different district.

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