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    Shiro the Betrayer, was he really that bad? *Possible Spoilers*

    First off i wanna say hi to everyone cuz i've been a long time lurker of this site (best of all the GW ones in my opinion) but i never used the forums, but being a huge fan of GW i wanted to join the community here.

    I've been playin Factions since it came out and i finally beat it. But I don't really think Shiro was that evil. I mean from the cutscenes i saw he wasn't to bad of a guy. At first he basically told the Oracle to F off but then he realized she could really see the future. So then she tells him hes gunna be the emperor's body guard, then next time u see them talkin shes warning him that the emperor is gunna kill him. so heres my question. Did Shiro kill the emperor in premeditated self defense? Was he used by the orcale to create the Jade Winds? When u really look at it was Shiro really so bad or was he manipulated

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    Beware the harvest Ceremony!

    I 'don't know, the cutscenes are not the whole story, you have to apply yourself and study the game to get the wholestory. Just look in the Lore Forum. You may find your answer there

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    Attempting to assassinate a leader, no matter what the reason, puts you pretty high on the "Bad Guy" list. I would think moreso in an Asian setting like Factions.

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    I think he was Used by the Oracle? Maybe we will have a added mission with the Oracle in it? Like the Titan quests or something?? who knows....

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    Option F: The story is about as non-sensical as that of a theoretical physicist, who has never held a gun in his life going on a massive killing spree and manages to save the world, and destroy an alien overmind the process. So don't try to make heads or tails of it.

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    I got to agree with Nightfall. The story barely makes sense at all. Shiro killed the emperor because he thought the emperor was going to kill him. But we have NO idea whether the oracle was lying. Nor do we know HOW in the world Shiro turned from a man defending his life to the evil punk we face in Factions.
    I mean, to me that's the key, when did Shiro become evil? The plot does not reveal that at all. Does killing the emperor automatically make you nuts or something? If so, I want to try!

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    The story COULD make sense though, but there are BIG gaps in the story.

    Anyway, look in the Lore forum, there's probably a lot to read about it.

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    I think most people gave up on the storyline =//

    The story has so many gaps and holes that in trying to fill in one you find ten more.

    Sad but true

    Naru Soulfire

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    Maybe they want us to use our imagination.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CHunterX
    Attempting to assassinate a leader, no matter what the reason, puts you pretty high on the "Bad Guy" list. I would think moreso in an Asian setting like Factions.
    Well I beg to differ... If you kill a tyrant or a bad ruler (and let's face it when you see the poverty in the streets of Cantha as opposed to the wealth of the emperor's palace those leaders are bad rulers) out of desperation because you want a better life for your children, that doesn't make an evil guy out of you. (now I don't say it was Shiro's goal!)

    As far as I'm concerned, I think Shiro's place was in psychiatric hospital.

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