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    Speculations all good in small does - like discovering Shiros favortie colour is pink etc.

    But do you buy a blank story book to write on the pages yourself?

    Naru Soulfire

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    The story isn't exactly blank, some hints and guidelines are provided for the viewer to connect the dots to his/her own liking.

    What happened, happened. We get to know what happened, but why?

    Only the stars know.

    What's important is that we know that there is a threat to everything and what we must do to stop it, or we will all perish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azgalon
    Well, apparently some people become emissaries after death, just observe the other emissaries which i assume had normal living lives before that.

    What exactly makes one become one is not told in the story, maybe some people just have potential/special energy and become chosen for that task.
    Or perhaps they all killed Chosen/Ascended people and absobed their power os something.
    Shiro wants to kill the current emperor to undo what cursed him in the first place, killing the other emperor. He apparently sees his job as Emissary as a Curse, and there's no real indication it isn't one.
    Might be a curse that one has to do for x years (you're dead and immortal anyway) and when you're done, you get into eternal paradise or so, which would explain why the other Emmiaries don't do what Shiro does but still doesn't explain why Shiro went evil.

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    My theory

    Actually, from what I've observed by the emisarries (sp?) they look like they've all been, from my point of view, "evil" at one point. Especially the guy with the hole in his head. I think being an emisarry is a punishment if you've done a horrible deed to wrack the world or something really bad. You constantly have to ferry the newly freed souls to Eternal Paradise, but you yourself cannot stay there. All the other emisarries have learned they'll be here forever and have stopped their evil ways, but not Shiro. He decides he doesn't want to be stuck ferrying souls day and night for the rest of eternity. He wants to be human again. I have no speculation about how he has the power to chain souls to his will, or afflict them. But again, this was just another power-hungry dead person who wants to come back to the world of the living to wreak havok.
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    The Order Of Dii [Dii]

    Darth Vader ring a bell?

    He was not such a bad guy, but was corrupted by search of power and his paranoia. Then he struck down his beloved Padmé and she died, pushing him the last bit to pure darkness. Of course Anakin had a son that would later redeem him, Shiro may not be that lucky.

    I actually kinda liked the story, it is much more logical than the Prophesies one at least. Yes there are a lot of gaps, and the voice acting is sometimes just hilarious, but with a little imagination it all makes perfect sense. For me it is better from an immersion point-of-view to follow one person through the story than to jump around between different ones all the time.
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    Exactly, he is not content with being an Emissary at all.

    The others have accepted their fate and do what they have to do, but not ol Shiro! :D

    He has walked the path of darkness and become more and more twisted in his ways, maybe a bit mad as well...

    He was a decent fellow from the start, before he met the Oracle.

    He became corrupted, tainted, powerhungry and i assume somewhat mad as well.

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    Shiro's rise to power and his murdering the Emporer make perfect sense - the fortune teller had foreseen all to that point so why would he not believe her when told his life was in danger and defend himself?

    However, no point in the storyline does it suggest Shiro was power hungry, evil or corrupted. The story doesn't really provide any evidence that the emperor might want Shiro dead nor does the movie trailer support it. As ruler with an entire army of killers at your disposal would you really go alone into a sealed room with a warrior who has proven his fighting prowess above all men in your kingdom with the intention of killing him yourself? Supposed you did and mistrust him enough to want him dead, would allow him to accompany you armed, alone, and you turn your back on him and bow to pray? Even the expression on the emporers face as he approaches the temple don't give an impression of any malice or scheming - only Shiro carrying the burden of the foretelling seems uneasy.

    I can only assume two things:-

    1. This is the most amateurish, ill conceived and unconvincing story telling ever!

    2. The story is INCOMPLETE! ArenaNet released a addendum to the story in Prophecies with the Titans Quests so perhaps they already have plans for a Sorrows Furnance type expansion which will explain all. Perhaps, or rather I hope, there's a piece of the story missing.

    If that's the case whole story, to me, seems fairly obvious. There is some much greater evil at work and Shiro was only a pawn. A much more foreboding foe, lurking in the background, manifest itself as the fortune teller in order to manipulate Shiro so that he might dispose of the emporer, turn him into the evil spiritual emissary he became and unleash evil upon Cantha.

    Going back to the Star Wars parallel someone drew earlier in this thread, if Shiro is our Darth Vader character, we've yet to see our Sith Master - maybe one of the characters we've encountered in Factions is our Senator Palpatine who will later transpire to be our evil emperor?

    I never did trust that Togo chap myself! :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by bRydeR
    I never did trust that Togo chap myself! :P
    can t be Togo! i would have won the game at Vizunah Square 20 times if Togo was indeed the arch villain!!

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    The Order Of Dii [Dii]

    I am with bRydeR on this one. I also always imagined that the Fortuneteller was setting him up to kill the Emperor, and that there was a more powerful Villain pulling all the strings somewhere from the shadows. Maybe this Villain also used vodoo or something to project the voices of the Fortuneteller and the Emperor as they entered the Temple. You can even see in the cinematics how Shiro is struggling to get the voices out of his head.

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    Would also make sense why Kurzicks and Luxons started fighting again if there's a Evil Unknown Supervillain behind the curtain.
    He/She could easily manipualte the 2 sides to start waging war again, since they were at peace during the time the emperor was killed.
    I do hope for a Canthan SF-like expansion, with a few more missions for Luxons/Kurzicks (there's only 1 mission that shows the war on either side, Hatchery and Grove) since the war seems more like a background story. Maybe a few missions that then lead to the other villain.

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