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    Canthan Pets don't grow - need hormones!

    I just finished the game with my 4th char, an Elementalist. I tamed a Phoenix, as this fits the Fire Elementalist theme very well.

    Now they are quite large buggers, and I compared my lousy level 5 Phoenix to a Level 20 Hearty Phoenix.

    Result: Absolutely same size. 3 people could not see any difference in size.

    I also believe this is also true for level 15 and level 3/5 Tigers.

    Tyrian pets grow in size as they evolve, but Canthan pets do NOT seem to grow at all.

    Can someone check/confirm this? I can offer Tigers, a Black Moa and a low level Phoenix for size comparison purposes.

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    This has already been confirmed a few times over multiple threads...

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    no ... they need to fix that ...it was a nice addition, in prophecies, seeing your pet growing... i Wanted a huge Red crab... and my lvl 15 dire crab is as bit as lvl 5 reef lurkers

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    Absolutely not.

    I think you do not understand what I noticed and just read the thread title.

    This is not about Moas and Striders and their evolutions, I found one of your own postings looking for the supposedly "multiple threads" you were refering to.

    This is not about a comparison of hearty and dire pets, it is about an unevolved pet vs a hearty pet.

    The two times evolved pet is the same size as an unevolved pet - which is rather odd, in Prophecies you can notice the difference.

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    Maybe you should have read those very threads a bit closer

    Ignorance ftl

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    Aww I was gunna get a red crab and train it to lvl 20, so I could see it get bigger....wow that sucks. Might as well skip the work and get a lvl 20 blue crab.

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    GWOnline.Net Member wadeybabe's Avatar

    I guess we'll have to wait for giant crabs and cranes.

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    I wonder if the reason they do not grow larger is due to a problem or due to the fact that they weren't originally meant to? Anyone hear if they were supposed to in the first place?

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    That is a good question. But who knows? You can only hope that Gaile who supposedly loves pets listens to this question during one of her visits.

    But I bet she does not know about this either, we can only hope to stir up their interest. Otherwise it gets probably on the low priority list if it gets any attention at all.

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