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    Underappreciated Assassins

    Ok, I am tired of people discriminating against assassins. It is nearly impossible to get into a group as one and quite a few of Canthan missions are done a lot easier with real people. I think that the main reason that assassins are disliked by others is because they are misunderstood. You see, assassins tend to die...a lot... Anyways, while that is true sometimes, it is not true ALL the time. Assassins are NOT TANKS. We're not supposed to take large ammounts of damage. Another thing, it is a new profession, you have to get used to it first, you can't be the ultimate player with it right off the bat.

    There are three 'traditional' RPG professions. Warrior, Ranger and Spellcaster/Mage(or elementalist in this case). I am sure that Mesmers and Necoromancers were also disliked at first untill their true powers were discovered, and people realized that without Necromancers, monks might havea hard time healing a whole party, and that Mesmers health degeneration and slow downs are the deadliest possible things in the game. A warrior can withstand damage and use speed buffs to get out of a tight situation, but when you're slowed down to 20% speed and got 3 hexes on you doing -9 to -12 health degen, you can't get out of that. Monks were probably a bit akward too, as usually people use food or potions to heal themselves, and actual heal spells are kinda new.

    The same thing is happening now. An assasin is not the main melee charecter. He is, however, the ultimate melee support. I mean while the warrior tanks, the assasin with his awesome speed and chain damage ability, can run down the health of the foe pretty quick. Perhaps the assassin is the melee version of the elementalist as he can put out a lot of damage in a short time, and critical strikes add up guys. We are not made to take the damage, but to get in there quick (through teleporting! A very handy skill,) do damage and get out. I also believe that the Ritualists' true potential will not be really tapped for a while, as for now they are used as healers, while their spirits and skills can actually increase warriors' and rangers' powers as well as other things. So technically, a Ritualist is a support charecter, not just another healer.

    So please people, think about the strengths and weaknesses of a build before you rule them out. Thank you.

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    I was very glad to find two assassins LFG for thirsty river. They did wonderfully assassinating the priests and bosses in the mission. See two or three threads down.

    Otherwise, this is kind of old news, man. PvE in guild wars isn't about taking out one or two strategic targets (beyond "kill the monk first" but even then that's not always necessary), it's about combatting hordes of enemies. Assassins will always be underapreciated in PvE. There's a reason that tank/monk/nuker is popular -- it works.

    I mean, look at the Afflicted. There's MILLIONS of them. Most quests or missions that involve combatting Afflicted are pure zergfests. So you're an assassin. Oooh, gonna go in and pick off one strategic target in there? No! There aren't any strategic targets... it's a slaughterfest that tank/monk/nuker works best for.

    Assassins are pretty appreciated and feared in PvP though, where there is more of a focus on "assassinating" targets, unlike the general melee chaos of PvE. Just part of life, man. Sorry you're having a hard time with it.

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    I just got my Mez through Ch2 and it made me remember what being the least wanted class in the game is like. Assassins have two bad things going for them at this point. First the amount of people that think they are a tank. I have seen too many Assassin’s run ahead of the Warrior into a pack, then yell that the monk isn’t healing. I know there are many good Assassin players out there, I have played with them too, but the bad ones set the tone for the discrimination. Next the fact that people are still learning the class. I know I contributed to the bad name of the Mez’s when I started my Mez. I would bring all the wrong skills for an area and only be able to help with my wand. Happened once or twice on this round too. Degen and dilemma doesn’t help when their Mez’s have 3 out of 4 skills as hex removers. “Hey I’ll backfire, and WW you” “Ok go ahead I have 2 sigs of hex remover, and 1 elite that removes 2 hex’s ha ha!”

    I now will take an Assassin on every group I lead. I may have to interrogate the guy first, but I’ll be helping the class to get through. The good Assassin’s I have seen did great work, the bad ones were on their back most of the time. Having one that is on his back and yelling for a Rez in the middle of a fight only makes the class get a worse rep.

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    I must say that maybe an assassin is not a Tank, but he can take down one, taht's or sure. I have friends whose assassins are killing tanks two or three lvls higher than them. See it's all about skill and luck, because face it, there will be days where you go into a mission, make a mistake, and then rack up your DP due to being rezzed during combat. It happened to me. Was an assassin, and as I was killed due to my team being surrounded my three mobs, a monk rezzed me! Right in the middle of three eneimes! Ofcourse I went down in a few hits, but there have been better times. I actually tanked for a group in The Wilds mission. I was the only one who went through the whole thing without dying even once. Assassins can tank a bit, but they are support melee cahrecters. And I do not agree with the guy above you who says that just Tank/Monk/Nuker are the best group, Monks can tank, Necroes can solo, assassins can survive longer than the rest, is all happens. There will be days when build will be posted for Assassins solo FoW farm. Just wait. These professions can be versatile. I mean sure, the assassins are new and might die frequently, but it doesn't mean it's permamenent. I heard that rangers used to be the last ones picked, now go somewhere and look, you will see a Trapper or Barrage, or some sort of ranger needed somewhere. Assassins will be like that one day.

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    Assassins fit oddly enough, considerably better into prophecies, than Factions. Prophecies is more of a survival, and long term campaign. If your one of those Diablo II players who can finish the game, + expansion pack, on even just normal difficulty without getting rushed in a single day, prophecies will probably go fast, but otherwise it has more longetivy than factions. Melee defensive skills are much more effective, due to the rather large amount of physical damage enemies, weaker casters (Mursaats actually seem to be weaker than 16 attribute elementalist, if it weren't for spectral agony), lack of any significant holy/death damage whatsoever, and smaller, more spread out mob groups. Shadow refuge is still powerful enough to keep up with the damage there, and critical defense/flashing blades is... well... actually effective in Prophecies.

    Fire island chain is arguably harder than most factions missions still, and ever more now that there are hardly any people there, but an assassin shines, because of boss mechanics. Instead of bosses that nuke for an ungodly amount of damage, one shotting people with death penalty, but dying fast, the bosses are an absolute pain to kill, but have very weak damage, and rely on the normal enemies they are surrounded by to fight. You really start to notice the difference, when a level 28 Mursaat boss without interupts, is harder to kill than Zhu Hanuku to take down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akisame Kiyoraba
    You really start to notice the difference, when a level 28 Mursaat boss without interupts, is harder to kill than Zhu Hanuku to take down.
    The infamous Coventina/Willa perhaps?

    I find that assassins are very much like melee versions of mesmers. With the proper build, they can counter almost anything under the sun and spike it to death all by themselves. However, they perform poorly against targets that they're not built to counter, and they don't do very well against multiple opponents. As craazool mentioned, much of the Factions campaign is a zergfest, making it difficult for the assassin to truly shine, but a good assassin player can still create opportunities for himself where none exist.

    Playing as my assassin, I have to be much more situationally aware of the battlefield than of most of my other professions. I have to keep an eye out for tempting targets that are all alone, as well as watch out for incoming melee mobs or spikers. At the same time, I also have to be careful not to get too far from the monks, because the crazy spike damage mobs can deal out in Factions means I can go from max health to dead in 1 second. Shadow Stepping is both a boon and a bane at times, especially if you accidentally teleport into an adjacent enemy mob, so knowing which skill to use at the right time is crucial.

    I try to make it a point to include one assassin in each party I make, but I'm also wary about including too many. They DO die quickly, and many assassins still have not learned the finer points of battlefield awareness and knowing when to get out of there. 3 dead assassins in a party simply because they all happened to be next to the level 28 Afflicted boss when it died is something I'd rather not see again...

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    very much agreed with this thread, i just got my assassin through the main factions campaign last night, and its taken me over an hour in some places to get a group just b/c of the assassin hateat first i hated the assassin class, i tried one out on beta weekend and couldnt stand playing them, but this is b/c my main char is a w/mo, so i was playing with a classic tank mentality, sit there and absorb damage, then i realized assassin are HIT AND RUN

    the class is an amazing caster killer which is how i play, with shroud of shadows and a 4 skill combo i can kill any caster quick while not letting them get a skill off, imho thats the problam with a lot of assassins they havent realized they arent meant for killing warriors primarily, they are suppossed to let the tanks go in first and get the enimies attention on them, THEN go behind the tanks and go after the casters of the group and then regen or move on

    in fact i found Echovald a lot easier with my assassin and henchie groups than with my tank, its just the realization that all classes are played seperatly

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