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    Cool Excess Radio - Total Excess Event!

    I thought this would be the best place to post this as its community related.

    not all of them but atleast 3 of the DJs will be in guild wars in one location or another and its all good music, if you need any additional information you can ask me and ill try to get it or head over to our website. (its in the banner)

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    Define "Good Music"

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    Is this spam? Doesn't seem like it has much to do with Guild Wars to me.

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    Stormbluff Isle


    Have you actually read what is written on your flyer?

    Good luck though I hope it all goes well


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    Excess Radio is an internet radio station, dedicated to several games, and has it's roots in Anarchy Online, where quite big parties are hosted by one of the present radiostations. XSR now comes to Guildwars as well. Be sure to check it out :)

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    *scratches head*

    I don't get it.

    Where are my pants?

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    100% liveness?

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    "100% liveness?"

    Means that the station will have live DJ's for the entire 60 hour event. Normally internet radio stations have a hard time having DJ's 24 hours a day due to not enough coverage in certain timezones etc.

    "Is this spam? Doesn't seem like it has much to do with Guild Wars to me."

    As it's not solely a Guild Wars event it was posted in the off topic forum. However, myself and at least 2 other DJ's for this station will be running our segments this weekend from GW, hosting contests, giving away prizes etc.

    Previously my regular weekly show was hosted from Anarchy Online, but now that I've all but stopped playing AO with the move to GW, I'll be hosting my show more and more often from Guildwars.

    This does have something to do with Guildwars, or, more specifically, with it's community. Online radio stations are well known for helping to build an active community in any game they broadcast from, bringing together players who find they like the same music or DJ - who they might never have played with otherwise.

    "Define "Good Music""

    Easy. Everything. With more than 20 DJ's and 60 straight hours of them this weekend, pretty much everyone is bound to find something they like. And aside from good music, don't discount the fun to be had interacting with live DJ's.

    Come check it out, or don't ( I am, afterall, not the boss of you). I'll be DJ'ing in Ascalon International district on Sunday from 1600-2000 hrs EST. Myself and Vaja will be co-hosting for that amount of time, playing music, having fun and hopefully building a bit of a party.

    If you do want more info, it's easy to find - it's at our website. www.excessradio.com - or PM me - that works too.

    If you don't, well it's easy to find the next topic in the off topic forum.

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    yes im sorry I should have posted this here not in the community forum, very sorry.

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    I know these peeps from ao and they are hella good at this and everyone should give them a chance.


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