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    Introduction to Ritualist and FAQs

    This thread will be used to post general Ritualist information and to answer those most commonly asked questions. I hope to be expanding this thread as more questions are asked and as I learn more. If there is any useful information you feel is missing from this thread, please send me a PM and I will be happy to include it.

    In this thread:
    Introduction to Ritualists
    General Ritualist FAQ
    The Spirit FAQ

    Also check out:
    Ritualist Skill Guide
    Ritualist Armory
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    Introduction to Ritualist

    Ritualist Profession

    "Ritualists channel otherwordly energies that summon allies from the spirit realm and employ mystic binding rituals that bend those allies to the Ritualist's will. The hood their eyes to better commune with spirits that grant great power and protection to Ritualists and their comrades. The energy they channel drives Ritualist skills that enhance the deadliness of an ally's weapon and wreak havoc on an enemy's Health. The Ritualist can also use the remains of the dead to defend the living -- not by reanimating corpses as a Necromancer would, but through the ritual use of urns and ashes. Where the Ranger lives as one with the spirit world, the Ritualist can and will be its master."
    --The Guild Wars Factions Manuscripts

    The Ritualist profession is only available in Guild Wars: Factions. Guild Wars: Prophecies users will not be able to use this profession unless they have linked a Factions key to their Prophecies account.

    Ritualist Attributes

    Spawning Power (primary)
    For each point of Spawning the Ritualist takes, summoned or animated creatures have 4% more health. Some Ritualist skills, especially those related to Spirit creatures, become more effective with higher Spawning Power. This is the primary attribute of the Ritualist profession and is not available to secondary Ritualists.

    Channeling Magic
    No inherent effect. Many Ritualist skills, especially those related to lightning damage and Energy, become more effective with higher Channeling Magic.

    Restoration Magic
    No inherent effect. Many Ritualist skills, especially those related to healing, life-stealing, and defense, become more effective with higher Restoration Magic.

    No inherent effect. Many Ritualist skills, especially those related to summoning Spirits, become more effective with higher Communing.

    Skill Types
    Ritualists are a very diverse class. The skill set for Ritualists includes skills, spells, enchantments and hexes. The Ritualist class also introduces several new kinds of skills not previously existing in Factions.

    Weapon Spell - A weapon spell summons a spirit weapon that gives an extra power to its wielder. This spell will change the appearance of the weapon wielded by the target and will be indicated by a weapon icon on the wielder's health bar.

    Item Spell - Spells of this type are used to summon an urn containing the ashes of a great ancestor. In some cases, holding the urn will give the ritualist certain powers, and in other cases dropping the urn will unleash the power.

    Binding Ritual - These are the ritualist equivalent of a Ranger's Nature Ritual. Skills of this type are used to summon Ritualist Spirits.
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    General FAQs

    What is the best secondary profession for a Ritualist?
    There is really no good answer to this question as all profession combinations have strengths and weaknesses. It comes down to personal preference and play style. Here's a link to a thread that discusses the various pros and cons of each.
    Best Secondary for Ritualist?

    Are binding rituals spells?
    No. Much like nature rituals, binding rituals are not spells and thus are not affected by many mesmer interrupts.

    Do faster cast, recharge, and +1 mods work on binding rituals?
    Faster cast and recharge mods only work on spells. +1 mods apply while using skills and are not restricted to spells only.

    Are weapon spells and item spells enchantments?
    No, both types are spells similar to enchantments in that both cause a lingering effect on the target that can be identified in your status bar. Weapon and item spell effect cannot be removed by a skill that affects enchantments and you will get no enchantment-related bonuses from being under the effect of a weapon or item.

    Do weapon mods affect you while holding ashes?
    No, while holding ashes you will lose any bonuses from your weapon sets.

    Do weapon spells affect characters that aren't holding weapons?
    Yes. If you have an item such as an ashpot in your hands or even just nothing at all, you will still be affected by a weapon spell.

    Can you hold more than one ashpot at a time?
    You may only carry one ashes at a time. Summoning a new ashes will cause the previous one to be dropped, triggering any effect it might have upon dropping. It should be noted that you will also drop any ashpot you may be holding if you pick up another game item, such as a flag or relic.

    Do Ritualist bonuses that trigger when holding an item also trigger when holding items that aren't ashes?
    Yes. Game items suchs as flags and relics will trigger item bonuses.
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    Spirit FAQs

    What are spirit stats?
    Spirits at any level have 31 energy.
    A spirit has health determined by the following equation:
    70 + ((spirit level -1) * 20) * (1 + spawning power * .04)

    Can spirits be healed?
    No, spirits will not be affected by skills that cause healing. However, there are 2 ritualist skills that cause spirits to gain health, Signet of Creation and Spirit Boon Strike. Spirits do have natural regen, but outside of these two skills there is no other way to make spirits gain health faster.

    Can spirits be targeted?
    Spirits can be targeted for attacks and direct damage skills. Spirits cannot be the target of healing, enchantments or hexes. Spirits are not affected by degen or regen or by the effects of other spirits.

    What are the ranges of spirits?
    Spirit ranges vary according to their descriptions. Spirits are immovable unless a skill such as Draw Spirit is used on them.

    "spirit attacks"
    Some spirits attack enemies in range to deal their effects. The range of attack of this type of spirit is similar to a longbow. Tests on the Isle of the nameless showed that a spirit on the target would attack a shortbow ranged target even if the party was out of range. The spirit would not attack a recurve bow ranged target or a longbow ranged target unless the party was attacking the target. All types of attacking spirits have the same range as each other. These spirits include: Pain, Bloodsong, Disenchantment, Dissonance, Wanderlust and Shadowsong.

    "in the area"
    Some spirits have an effect within an area. The outer ring of targets on the Isle of the Nameless indicate what exactly this range is. Spirits in this class include: Destruction, Restoration, and Preservation.

    "within its range"
    The remaining spirits affect a large portion of the minimap. The range is equivalent to about half of the radar on the minimap screen. Spirits with this range include Shelter, Union, Displacement, Life, Earthbind, Soothing, and Recuperation.

    Can you have more than one spirit of the same type?
    You may have multiple Ritualist and Ranger spirits up but only one of each skill type may be active for your party at a time. Summoning a new spirit of a type that already exists for your party will cause the older spirit to perish if within range.

    What is the "overlap" range that will cause the creation of a new spirit to kill the old one? For example, if I cast Pain, how far away do I have to place my next one so that it doesn't cause the old one to die?
    This was tested with Pain on the Isle of the Nameless. Seemed to be that you could have two Pains no closer than half the radar screen to each other. That put it at about the same range as shelter's area of effect.

    How does damage reduction work for Shelter and Union?
    Although the wording on shelter says "damage from a single attack", in fact damage from any source will be reduced if it would cause you to lose more than 10% of your maximum health.

    Shelter and Union do not mitigate loss of life ocurring from life degeneration, life sacrificing or life stealing.

    The order in which you cast shelter and union matters. Cast shelter before union so that the damage is reduced to 10% and then reduced an additional 15 points on top of that.

    What types of damage trigger Vengeful was Khanhei and Vengeful Weapon?
    Vengeful was Khanhei triggers on on attack damage. This includes axes, swords, hammers, bows, staffs, wands and spirit attacks. Vengeful Weapon triggers on any kind of damage, including spells. Neither of these spells will trigger on "life stealing" as it doesn't count as damage in the GW system.
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