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    ACK!! My Knees!!

    So i was hanging out in Eredons Terrace, taking a break from the battles at Fort Aspenwood and admiring the view from the cliffs. I sat down and saw my horribly deformed knees

    Has anyone else noticed how Luxon boots seem to chop off half of your legs while sitting?? i took a pic..

    Same position, with Druids

    It looks like two giant tree trunks sticking out of my thighs!!

    I know luxon armor tends to be a little thicker than most armors but can this be fixed?? i love my luxon armor but this almost ruins it for me.

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    ...You're game is ruined because your characters legs look wierd when you sit down and zoom in while wearing a particular piece of armour...

    stop development of Nightfall, this must be fixed XDXDXD

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    That almost ruins the armor for you? Are you being serious?

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    Hey, at least you can beg for change at Lion's Arch! "I lost my legs in the Searing... please help. Charr Veteran."
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    Lol Hahnsoo.

    Personally I'd report it to Anet and see what they have to say about it. I doubt it's going to get fixed soon though, I'd rather see the balances etc on priorty than armour while sitting ^_^
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    If they fix a bug, they better fix the damn assassin animation bug...


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    It's not a bug. That's your punishment for buying Luxon armor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shrimp
    It's not a bug. That's your punishment for buying Luxon armor.

    All Ranger Luxon armors FTL!

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    lol *sigh* i am alone in this world....

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    When I first saw the title I would have guessed it was a new cripshot build or something.

    Then I opened it and Im sorry I kinda laughed.

    Not trying to be rude but really.... is this such a big deal?!? I think Anet has a few priorities above someones knees when they sit. How often do you sit down in battle anyways?

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