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    My interrupt build(for PvE and PvP):

    WS: 14 (+4)
    Exper: 14 (+2)
    Marks: 9 (+1)

    Punishing Shot [E]
    Savage Shot
    Distracting Shot
    Read The Wind
    Troll Unguent
    Whirling Defence
    Serpents Quickness
    Res Signet(PvP)/Rebirth(PvE, if R/Mo)

    This a is a great build to shut down most Eles and Necro's. Use Serpents Quickness to improve the Interrupt moves' recharge, so you can interrupt more frequently. It's also a nice build to learn and practice interrupting.

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    GWOnline.Net Member SoloVero's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Stranger The Ranger
    My interrupt build(for PvE and PvP):
    Punishing Shot [E]
    Savage Shot
    Distracting Shot
    Read The Wind
    Troll Unguent
    Whirling Defence
    Serpents Quickness
    Res Signet(PvP)/Rebirth(PvE, if R/Mo)
    When I run pure int, I use something similar but I go for R/Me and replace Whirling and SQ with Power Drain and Power Spike. (I know PS is expensive but there are few things so fun as to manage to interrupt someone's heal with PS)

    I also run a pure BM build and on occaision a pure Trapper.

    What I use most often for general PvE is the following utility build:


    Expertise: 13 (12+1)
    Wilderness Survival: 7 (6+1)
    Marksmanship: 15 (11+4)

    - Barrage [Elite]
    - Needling Shot
    - Marauder's Shot
    - Utility
    - Utility
    - Utility
    - Troll Unguent
    - Rebirth

    In the util slots I use some combos like:

    - Distracting Shot
    - Barbed Trap
    - Choking Gas or Favorable Winds

    or (with att change)
    - Charm Animal
    - Comfort Amimal
    - Pet attack

    - Judge's Insight
    - Penetrating Attack
    - Sundering Attack

    or 3 int
    or 3 traps
    or conditions

    Good damage output, team upport and very versitile.

    I carry a longbow for pulling, Rotwing for int, a sundering shortbow and a vamp shortbow

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    Recently I'm running the tank master build. It's the one I found on GuildWiki. Been able to out tank most tanks, and deal some pretty good damage.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Cirian's Avatar

    For general roaming I'll help out with healing and damage mitigation, on top of general barrage / distract duties.

    12 Marksmanship
    12 Wilderness Survival
    13 Expertise

    1. Distracting Shot
    2. Barrage
    3. Concussion Shot / Dust Trap
    4. Throw Dirt
    5. Whirling Defence
    6. Healing Spring
    7. Troll Unguent
    8. Ressurection Chant

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    Marksmanship 10
    Wilderness 10
    expertise 9
    Beast 10
    Healing 9
    1. charm
    2. comfort
    3. troll
    4. Melaundru Arrow [E]
    5. Brutal Strike (sometimes Poisonous Bite)
    6. Precision Shot (or an other skill)
    7. Heal Brezee
    8. Res Chant

    I've been reading alot of these builds and I want to really try them all but you know what you work with and always want to change but here's what I normally go out with into PvE areas but I also when I've played a litle PvP like in Aspenwood or Quarry I go with
    1. charm
    2. comfort
    3. troll
    4. Melaundru Arrow [E]
    5. Poisonous bite
    6. Savage shot
    7. Disrupting Shot
    8. Heal Brezee
    I enjoy doing a mix of the work and being a average all around support player. and I sometimes mix in a diffrent skill than a shot like savage or percision shot to use something else but this is what I normally use.

    I was thinking about doing a R/Rt or a R/Me does anyone have some good suggestions on that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wandering Traveler
    I have a relatively strange combo, but its nice. here it is....

    Melandru's shot (energy regain)
    Hunters shot (bleeding)
    throw dirt (persistent warriors)
    pin down (cripple ppl chasing me down)
    apply poisin (health degeneration)
    seeking arrows (for block or evade stances)
    choking gas (persistent spellcasters)
    storm chaser (to get to battle or escape from it)

    Im pretty much a condition_interrupt ranger. comments on this build appreciated. thank you

    Wandering Traveler
    Hey that sounds like a good build to be anywhere what an idea (logs on to try out build) oh btw how are your attribute points distrubted in this build?

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    I really liked MaximumSquid's "Predator" build, and so I modified it to see how it would do in PVE:


    Expertise: 4 + 1 + 3
    Beast Mastery: 10 + 1
    Tactics: 9

    I have the stance-based Crimson Carapace Shield and a Tanzits' Cleaver (though this is more out of getting a good deal on it than anything).

    Enraged Lunge [E]
    Executioner's Strike
    Tiger's Fury
    Healing Signet
    Comfort Animal
    Charm Animal
    Resurrection Signet

    The burst and consistent damage you can get with this is pretty incredible, and I really enjoyed playing it. I wouldn't recommend it in a few missions, though. (Mainly Raisu Palace, because Sliver Armor will kill you fast if you're in melee range.)

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    Nice build for Alliance battles:

    WS: 14(+4)
    Exper: 9(+2)
    Marks: 13(+1)

    Debilitating Shot
    Dual Shot
    Savage Shot
    Pin Down
    Melandru's Arrows
    Troll Unguent
    Whirling Defence
    Storm Chaser

    It can counter almost anything(except those cheap flashbots ) and the conditions offer a great support to your teammates, be careful with your energy though

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    GWOnline.Net Member boxterduke's Avatar

    I try a bunch of builds but always come back to this one.
    Its basically for high damage.
    With a vampiric bow for extra damage as well.

    Called Shot
    Poison Arrow
    Dual Shot
    Hunter's Shot/Penetrating Attack/Splinter Shot
    Kindle Arrows (Ignite Arrows, depending if the mission/quest is hard and I wasnt to scatter mobs)
    Favorable Winds/Whirling Defense/Throw Dirt
    Troll Unguent

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    GWOnline.Net Member NeVeRLiFt's Avatar


    I see no Practiced Stance builds after looking through this thread.

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